Slicing Into the Scene Comes LEGO’s New Bionicle Sets

Slicing Into the Scene Comes LEGO’s New Bionicle Sets

The LEGO Bionicle series comes into the toy scene with toy knives, swords, and axes as it slices the pavement to bring the company more financial opportunities. This is LEGO’s toy line that saved the company from a great financial disaster. With the launch of this particular toy set, it has been welcomed pretty well into the homes of avid collectors of the LEGO franchise of toys.

Now Bionicle is not new; in fact, it has been introduced into the toy world 15 years ago. Initially, the toy line was set as a sub-part of the Technic series. This is because of each set to have the Technic’s elements. The toy line was, and still is marketed to children between the ages of 5 and 16, and the toy line has still been one of the best toy lineups for the company’s history. The sales of their new toy line were so good that it saved them from a catastrophic financial crisis during the late 90s.  The Bionicle series was, however, replaced by the LEGO Hero Factory a few years back. But this year, it comes with an amazing reboot and has been relaunched.

The LEGO Bionicle Series Has Been Rebooted and Relaunched

There is a whole lore, or story, revolved around the LEGO Bionicle toy line. It contains a bunch of heroes and villains, which both factions contain part-machine and part-organic sentient beings. The story takes place in the mystical land of Okoto. There, the heroes and villains located in the Bionicle universe fight for special masks of power against an upcoming evil.

Some of LEGO’s new warriors within the Bionicle toy line include the names of Skull Warrior, Skull Basher, Skull Slicer, and Skull Scorpio.

First of all,the 7-inch Skull Warrior was designed by LEGO to promote “intense action play.” Therefore, this particular toy of the Bionicle franchise is quite durable. It has a Freeze Bow rapid shooter, which can fire six of his shots in quite the rapid succession. For close quarters combat, he has the “battle bash function.”

Another toy that also stands in the 7-inch mark is the Skull Basher. He guards the “Temple of Creation.” He is armed with two hook axes which the toy can easily hold in each hand. There is a button situated at the back where you can activate this guy’s “battle bash function.”

The rebooted LEGO Bionicle also has the Skull Slicer. This “thing” is “animated” using dark magics from the Skull Spider Mask. This one is endowed with razor sharp hook blades (but not really). These blades can be activated by turning the wheel located on its back.


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