Windows 10 is Forcefully Installing Itself on PCs

Windows 10 is Forcefully Installing Itself on PCs

Microsoft is taking the idea of their automatic updates and places it to new levels by updating existing Windows operating system users to Windows 10. When automatic updates are turned on, you might find your PC in a new operating system by the time you wake up the next morning.

Normally, the automatic Windows Updates will bring slight upgrades to existing Microsoft files and tweak them a little to build better performance or fix minor (sometimes major) bugs. These mini-updates will contain some kilobytes or even some megabytes of downloaded data. However, this insane automatic update will update the system with a whopping3.5GB to 6GB worth of updates.

If Your PC Has Automatic Updates Turned On, Windows 10 Will Crawl Into Your System By Itself

When Windows 10 gets downloaded into your personal computer’s system, it will take up a large space in your storage. However, there are already many claims that getting this new operating system is worth the upgrade. Even though it is seen as a great update to some older Windows operating systems, a lot of people don’t like the idea of the forced update especially when the file size is just too big. This especially does not bode well when people have a scarce amount of storage space left inside their PCs. Windows users may find themselves deleting their documents and uninstalling programs to make way for this massive update. Once again, many people do not like the idea of a software being forced into their system, even if it is the new Windows operating system. Computers that do not have a spare storage space or a small SSD will find themselves that installing the new operating system will come with a great challenge.

Microsoft may look like it’s over eager to let people enjoy the new experience that the new Windows 10 operating system has to offer. The company has recently announced that the new OS has been downloaded and installed in over 75 million PCs in just over a month. It would also seem that the tech giant wants to convert the million figure into a billion within a span of a few years. Still, a lot of people would prefer an extension of the free upgrade to existing Windows 7 and 8 users to more than one year.

Even if you don’t want the free upgrade to Windows 10 and you have your PCs automatic updates turned on, there is a way wherein you can delete the installation files.


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