Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumored to be Named Project Lucky

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumored to be Named Project Lucky

The S6 was greeted by tons of fans across the globe and now rumors are starting to rise to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7. What will the phone look like? Will it have a bunch of new features? How good will its camera be? What chipset will it be using?

When the Galaxy S6 rolled into the market, it paved the way to a brand new beginning in their smartphone line as they did away with the plastic feel of the old S5. With the S6, the South Korean smartphone manufacturer replaced the entire handset with a phone chockfull of new features and better specs. Everything about the S6 was easy on the eyes.

With the Huge Success of the S6, What Can Be Done For the Samsung Galaxy S7?

Rumors claim that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be codenamed “Project Lucky.” GSMArena also reported that this next Samsung Galaxy high-end smartphone will go by the name “Lucky-LTE.” Both rumored names contain the word “Lucky” in them, but it isn’t clear why the smartphone company decided to name their next handset this way other than the possibility that the number 7 is a lucky number in Korea.  The latest benchmark showed with the initial testing of the next Samsung Galaxy phone was tested with a new Exynos 8890 chipset. The scores of the benchmark testing came out with a value of 1409 for the single-core and 4882 for the multi-core testing. The tests seem to be produce unsatisfactory results when compared to the current Exynos 7420 chipset. For those who are wondering, the 7420 managed to have a score of approximately 5200 on a multi-core. However, GSMArena would like to note that the given notes from the testing was due to a low clock rate of 1.38GHz. The S7 is rumored to have a clock rate of 2.3GHz.

Apart from the early benchmark results, many are wondering when would the next high-end Galaxy handset be released? Older Galaxy models came into the mobile phone scene at early quarters of their release years. Therefore, it could be safe to assume that the S7 will be released at around April of the year 2016. Finally, one of the biggest factors that many are thinking about is the cost for getting the new Samsung Galaxy S7. Pricing will depend largely on the handset’s specs and features, and it is still unclear how the smartphone will cost as of the moment.


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