Whirlpool Swash Review – Dry-Cleaning Your Clothes, Sort of

What does the Whirlpool Swash do? It will improve the look, smell, and feel of your apparel in just about 10 to 15 minutes of them being inside the machine. This device is also quite simple to operate and there is even an LED countdown timer so you can keep track of the things you’ve placed in it. It will assist in limiting a person’s trip to the dry-cleaners as it will “refresh” garments right at your own home. It has a gentle treatment that will supposedly conclude to fewer runs to harsh washing and drying sessions. Ultimately, it will promote less wear and tear to clothes and apparel.

Whirlpool Swash Review - Dry-Cleaning Your Clothes, Sort of

With the Whirlpool Swash, It’s Not Dry-Cleaning, It’s Refreshing

Even though it works just like a dry-cleaning device, the Whirlpool Swash is “refreshing” them. However, it should be noted that this is not a complete replacement to dry-cleaning, or even basic cloth-washing for that matter. Furthermore, this machine does not even remove stains nor can it actually clean soiled fabrics. Also, it can’t handle multiple items of clothing which makes the device far from practical. Even though it has a price point that is a bit less than its competitors, it is still a bit on the expensive side considering you won’t be able to get many items in it.

What’s worse is the Swash will require proprietary scent pods. Even though these pods cost relatively cheap, they can add up pretty quickly. So even though this device is tempting to get, especially if you’re the busy-person type who can’t get to the dry-cleaners all the time, do note that it can be a better idea to just do laundry the old-fashioned way.

When it comes to design, it looks like an old-fashioned steam radiator but one that is constructed from plastic instead of metal. There is a curved row in which this area houses the blinking LED lights which will run along its foremost edge.

This device is not very easy to use even though it only has quite a few buttons, settings, or special functions. To use it, you have to load and hang your clothes. Then, start by holding the machine’s silver knob to slide the door open. Once the door has been fully extended, you have to hang the item to be “refreshed.” Despite this utterly basic mechanic, hanging clothes properly does take more effort than it should.

At its price point, the Whirlpool Swash is still considerably expensive even though it is less expensive than similar products. Ultimately, it is more economical for people to do the entire laundry-sequence themselves than purchase this product.


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