LG Styler Review – Performance That Does Not Match the Price

The LG Styler is a luxury product that assists people who needs to regularly wear their clothing that are dry-clean only, but has either no time to visit the dry cleaners or do the process themselves. With this premium smoker, it will assist in the overall look and smell of your clothes. However, in terms of performance, it just does not add up to its price. If needed, there are people who would just pick up a Febreze from the store, spray their clothes for now with this cheaper product and call it a day, rather than spending a whole lot of money on something that they may not need every day.

LG Styler Review - Performance That Does Not Match the Price

The LG Styler Does Shine in Some Aspects

But it’s not all bad for the LG Styler, that is if you don’t mind spending all that cash. For instance, the Styler does offer some style. It is an attractive device that vaguely resembles that of a refrigerator. It has a premium reflective finish and measures just over 6-feet in height. It measures approximately 1.5-foot in width and also has a 2-feet depth. It has a weight of about 100-pounds so this is a machine that does not scream lightweight.

When (and if) you purchase this device, the first real challenge is bringing it home since it does weigh quite a bit, and it is quite large. But when you do find the perfect spot for it, it’s a breeze to install and start using. Additionally, The LG Styler does offer a considerably large capacity. However, it is supposed to handle 3 to 5 things at a time.

The device comes with three Styler-specific hangars – one for hanging pants or skirts, and the other two for blouses, jackets, and other tops. Also, it will come up with a removable rack where you can stash an old baseball cap or sweater that has a delicate material in which you would rather not place on a hanger.

This machine is especially geared to deal with items that are delicate, troublesome to clean, and those that will otherwise tumble a lot in your dryer. Think about stuffed animals, hats, backpacks, and even your sweat-stained wearable gym equipment. However, it is said that it can pretty much “refresh” just about any garment.

While the LG Styler does offer a lot of possibilities, the performance is just average especially when you compare that to its hefty price tag. But if you think about it, this is made for the higher-end markets, but perhaps those who have the money who can purchase this might spend that hard-earned cash somewhere more useful.


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