What is Facebook Instant Articles all about?

What is Facebook Instant Articles all about?

Aside from being a nostalgia engine there are also lot of things you can do with Facebook not just seeing updates from friends, communicating with relatives, viewing videos of friends or uploading your latest pictures from a recent vacation, your recent videos, liking posts, sharing and getting information you can play games, shop and purchase online through ads displayed in Facebook and there’s a lot more but the latest addition in Facebook is that you don’t necessarily need to leave the website to get fresh news why?

News now in Facebook

The Wall Street Journal calls it the Instant Articles, that is the reason why later this month you might start seeing full New York Times, Buzzfeed and National Geographic articles and videos that will be directly appearing in your Facebook feed. After long planning the execution has to finally come to give Facebook’s millions users the latest news.

How will Facebook benefit from the Instant Articles?

It was last March that Times had revealed that Facebook is in the pursuit to pursue to get publications to Instant Articles. In line with this Facebook proposed to publications this way; publications will keep all ad revenue from articles posted on Facebook if the sites themselves sell the ads otherwise if Facebook does the legwork of selling the ads, it will keep 30 percent of the revenue for itself.

By looking at those figures clearly, the Instant Articles will not be Facebook’s direct income stream. What Facebook is up to? Having the Instant Articles on its feed Facebook can keep it users on its site that will give Facebook’s increase earnings. That makes sense. In the end it is a game plan that both the Publications and Facebook benefited.

 A lot of people now rely on Facebook to get news that’s why Facebook has earned a strong presence in the realm of business news. Perhaps that is what the Publications companies have seen since the millions of Facebook users will give them the traffic that will convert into revenue. Facebook indeed has a big role in society that affects not just an individual but businesses as well.


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