There is an anti-cheat hardware that will detect cheats in games – called Game:ref

Published: 6 May 2015

There is an anti-cheat hardware that will detect cheats in games - called Game:ref

In all online PC gaming there are two types of gamers one the cheater and the other one the non-cheater. For those who plays fair there is something new that come in that will make you rejoice. To eliminate cheater in games is not an easy task you just can’t say hey cheater stop. It takes more than that it takes a Game:ref to complete that particular task.

What is Game:ref?

Game:ref is an anti-cheat hardware a new project that was recently launched on Kickstarter. Developed by an LA-based software engineer and former Counter-Strike: Source pro player, David Titarenco. The main goal of this hardware is to eliminate cheating not just with professional e-sports but with high hopes to all online PC gaming. All you have to do to detect cheats is to simply plug -in your mouse in to this hardware and bang! It will check the input signals if it matches up to what the game says happening on the screen.

David Titarenco explained it in his owns words this way; “An easy way to understand it is by looking at how a triggerbot works,” he added that “The idea of a triggerbot is that the software cheat ‘simulates’ a mouse press when someone is in your crosshairs. But the player doesn’t actually click! So with Game:ref, we can see that. This is a very simple concept that people find intuitive. Catching aim-bots is a bit more mathematically involved, but the idea is very similar. This same method applies to auto-hex cheats in DOTA2, and auto-lasthitters in League of Legends.”

Game:ref is designed to eliminate player’s cheats but detection is only limited to those player who’s using this hardware to their machines it doesn’t detect cheating by other players. This is applicable mainly to LAN tournament though.

For potential issues like latency and Game:ref waned as a device for cheat David Titarenco is confident that it will never be an issue since the latency clocks is around 200 microseconds and anti-cheat software simply can’t detect the hardware, there’s no reason to doubt or dimmed it as a cheat device.


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