What great challenge Microsoft face?

What great challenge Microsoft face?

During Microsoft‘s Build Developers Conference one of many interesting information’s the company present is that Microsoft does believe that your own smartphone can be your only computer.

Nowadays we have a vast of devices and gadgets that we used daily for our computing. In an average household people own not just a single desktop they also have laptop, tablet and of course a smartphone. We tend to believe that each device has a special function for our personal and business computing. However, Microsoft thinks otherwise.

Can Your Smartphone perform all your computing needs?

That is what Microsoft thinks. On the event’s stage, Microsoft Corporate Vice President Joe Belfiore plugged a Windows phone into a large screen display. On the small screen, he opened a mobile version of a PowerPoint presentation, but on the large screen, that same presentation was transformed. Menu options that would normally appear in the desktop version of PowerPoint suddenly appeared at the top of the screen. The “universal app” detected the display’s expansive canvas and packed it with new features. In essence, the app ran two independent displays from one device.

The future of smartphones according to Microsoft

Continuum – this is what Microsoft calls this screen-splitting feature. It shows a glimpse of what the future of smartphone will be, the bottom line of what Joe Belfiore have shown is that smarthphones can in essence become a wide range of devices, from the tablet to the laptop to the mighty desktop computer. Should the smartphone’s features matches with other device’s features in terms of computing, one day no one will need other expensive computing hardware’s as smartphones can house the processor you will need in your computing eventually it will do all the works you have to complete.

Definitely a trick, on the other hand this is not an easy task for Microsoft. First they have to prove something for the consumers to see and if the results are satisfying, enticing consumers to switch to Windows phones will be easier.

It could be Microsoft’s great challenge as 97% of smartphones buyers are already into and most importantly satisfied users of Android and Apple devices. Contrarily if Microsoft can push this it could be a beginning of new era for technology that is set change the game.



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