Meet the robots that will soon pick and pack your stuff ordered online.

Meet the robots that will soon pick and pack your stuff ordered online.

What does consumers want when it comes to delivery of goods they ordered online? These days people rely on the internet to order and purchase things such as but not limited to food and food ingredients, household stuffs, gadgets, devices and just other things one may need. With internet commerce everything is just a click away, technology in terms of e-commerce had matured, yet the packing warehouses can’t keep up with vast orders resulting to delayed delivery of goods.

What causes the delay delivery of goods?
It is manpower, yet humans are inclined to be tired, injuries and other factors that affecting human. If the workers inside the warehouses felt tired, got injured, take a break, take a leave, what will happen to the purchases made online? It is human factors that mainly affects the delay in line with that a solution has been presented. What is it?
Solution to help warehouse work speed up
• Fetch
• Freight

Interestingly, the help and solution to speed up warehouse work is from robots. It is by Fetch Robotics which introduces two robots that will work as a team to do tedious task inside the warehouse like collecting and delivering the stock. The robots on the other hand are named Fetch and Freight.

Fetch and Freight, does it sounds familiar to you? Indeed it may sound like you are in a pier, like the human shipping laborers in the pier these two robots will likely be doing that job too in unlikely manner since these robots are designed to perform tasks the robots way eventually they will work faster with ease. These robots are intended for logistics industry with a basic purpose of taking over dull warehouse jobs with these robot team inside the warehouse human workers are spared to do repetitive task such as pick-in-pack and can concentrate on more complex task.
Businesses needs costumers’ as much as possible repeat buyers, repeat purchase could mean that that particular customers is a satisfied customer. With this in mind retailers should cope up with the demand of consumers for fast and quicker transactions thus and so a robotic system intervention could lead to having more repeat and satisfied customers because of fast and efficient service.


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