Two Batteries from Tesla that will change the way the world uses energy.

Two Batteries from Tesla that will change the way the world uses energy.

The Tesla Energy finally hit the ground. In an announcement event held in LA, Tesla had unveiled its latest product line. The particular product is especially designed and created for homes and businesses as well. The highly-anticipated battery is now officially here. What details you should know about Tesla’s latest and newest batteries for household and business consumption?

In the pre-event briefing with the press the owner and CEO of Tesla Elon Musk said, “Our goal is to fundamentally change the way the world uses energy, which sounds crazy.”

Does it really sound crazy to you? For some it does, yet that is why Tesla have come in with their Tesla Energy today to make that crazy goal come in reality.

What and how should this batteries will change the way the word uses energy?

There are two types of batteries:

  • Powerwall
  • Powerpack

According to Musk these batteries are “completely sustainable, zero carbon.”


The use of this is specifically bound for home, this battery is for household consumption. Powerwall can be used to increase the capacity for a house with solar panels and can also be used in times when power interruption occurs. If you buy this product, the company will give you a ten year warranty for your home battery. This battery is about 3 ft across, 4 ft tall and 6-inches deep this means that this battery can be placed on the wall of your house or even outside wall of your home, serves its name right the Powerwall.


  • To communicate and monitor this battery from your home it should be connected to the internet thus and so connection to Tesla Energy should be constant.
  • How much will it cost you if you will buy the Powerwall? The company’s (Tesla) selling price to installers is $3500 for 10kWh and $3000 for 7kWh.
  • The installation on the other hand will be handled by sub-contractors which Elon Musk have elaborated that “We’re working with certified installers for the Powerwall, It’s designed to be easy to install, with two people in maybe a half an hour to an hour.”
  • The full release of Powerwall will be until late summer, yet you can now order this battery online which means that if you order now you have to wait until its full release.


  • This is the business version that suits well for business usage. The price for this battery haven’t been made public yet and it will be available later this year. Tesla in 2016 will be making larger push with businesses to acquire Powerpack.

These batteries have already been out in the real world there are already households and some businesses that has this battery installed to their homes and business establishments as well like there are already dozen of Walmart stores in California and a certain Cargill which is an animal processing plant that have the business version battery. More than that Tesla have also partnered with SolarCity for a pilot project in California that supplied an estimate of 300 homes with the batteries.

Advantages of these batteries

  • There will be greater electrical stability for America’s infrastructure’s, if homes and businesses will lessen using power and instead use the installed battery either the Powerwall or the Powerpack especially during peak hours, brownouts should be lesser as there is a substantial and additional power sources.


  • Aside from an option of power sources this battery (Powerwall) will also give homeowners complete energy independence which means that as a homeowner you have the option to disconnect your current electric connection with utility companies and eventually no more monthly bills.


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