Westinghouse WE28UX8310 Review – A Budget Friendly UHD Option

If you’re in the market for a UHD (4K) resolution monitor, but are in a budget that doesn’t have a rather high ceiling, then perhaps you might want to check out the Westinghouse WE28UX8310. This monitor is placed in a price class that is more reasonable than other 4K displays out there. This 28-inch display has a Twisted Nematic (TN) panel with a 3,840 x 2,160-resolution and it is equipped with an array of video inputs. It also comes with an ergonomic stand with its standard packaging.

Westinghouse WE28UX8310 Review - A Budget Friendly UHD Option

The Westinghouse WE28UX8310 is a More Reasonably Priced 4K Monitor

One of the main features found on the Westinghouse WE28UX8310 is a matte anti-glare coating which is housed in a 12-pound black cabinet. The screen is framed by 0.6-inch bezels and the cabinet is supported by a fully-adjustable stand.. The stand, colored in black and silver, provides 4.3-inches of height, and it has 20-degrees of tilt, and 90 degrees of swivel. It even lets you turn the monitor 90-degees for portrait-mode viewing.

At its rear, there is a good collection of video ports. There are three HDMI 2.0 ports (one of which is able to support Mobile High-definition Link (MHL)), one HDMI 2.0 input, one DVI input, and one DisplayPort input. There’s also a headphone jack and an audio input. However, you won’t find any USB ports in this monitor.

At the lower-right side of the display, you will find a power switch and four function buttons. These buttons are used to navigate the picture settings menu for the WE28UX8310. Settings that can be tweaked include Brightness, Sharpness, Contrast, and Picture Format (or aspect ratio). There are also Picture-in-Picture and Color Temperature settings. However, it does not have picture presets so users would have to tweak all of the settings manually.

When it comes to performance, this monitor turns in with mixed results. While colors are relatively accurate, but much can be said about the greens. Simply put, the green colors are way out there. If you’re working with image editing, then you would immediately take notice of this. Otherwise, if you’re using the monitor for office use, then it might take a while for you to notice this, but it is there. Gray-scale performance is also less than ideal.

Even though the Westinghouse WE28UX8310 is placed in a price class that is far less than other UHD monitors out in the market, its color performance could have been better. It does offer a good range of connectivity, but an extra USB port at the back of the cabinet could not have hurt that much.


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