Xiro Xplorer V Review – Flying Higher Than Larger Drones

The Xiro Xplorer V, although compact, is able to fly just as high and as far as larger quadcopters. It has been built with advanced features in mind such as geofence. With this feature, it prevents itself from cruising out of operating range. There is also a mode wherein it will fly home even though you don’t know which direction its “nose” is pointing. It has a stable flight while in the air, and the gimbal-mounted camera assure videos are recorded perfectly smooth. While it does provide steady shots, the camera itself is the drone’s biggest disappointment.

Xiro Xplorer V Review - Flying Higher Than Larger Drones

The Xiro Xplorer V is a Great Drone, But the Camera Makes it Hard to Recommend

With measurements of 15.7 x 15.7-inches for its height and depth, the Xiro Xplorer V is not much bigger than a Bebop model. For comparison’s sake, a Bebop drone measures in at 11 x 12.6-inches for its height and depth. However, it can reach farther and higher than even other drones of significantly larger size. Weighing at only 2.2-pounds, it is quite lightweight to carry around. However, with this weight, flying it in the U.S. will need to register this first with the FAA before operating it.

The drone has a black finish with four rotors. It has the standard lights found beneath its four arms. There are also four plastic landing legs which neatly fold up for easier storage. However, these legs can be troublesome as they do have some trouble remaining locked in the extended position.

Within the standard packaging, there are two sets of propellers included along with one flight battery. The company states that the included battery can let the quadcopter fly at about 25-minutes before needing to be recharged. However, a more realistic approach to its battery life would only be 19-minutes of flight time. Why? Because when the battery dips down below 10-percent, it will automatically return home and land. While this is not an entirely large issue as this will prevent you from otherwise losing the drone somewhere.

Going back to the camera, it is the largest disappointment for the Xiro Xplorer V drone. Even though it does display 1080p video at 30fps (or 720p at 60fps depending on your preference), there is a huge barrel distortion on every footage. While this can be rectified using an editing software, it would be better if the distortion is not that prominent.

While not the most famous drone out in the market, the Xiro Xplorer V is still a solid performer. It automatically returns home when low on battery, which means you won’t lose it somewhere out in the great blue yonder. Its camera, however, could be better.


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