Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide Review – A Co-op Melee FPS in the Warhammer Realm

Warhammer: End Times is the Fully Licensed Intellectual Property name of the game Vermintide. It is a co-op shooter that borrows heavily from the Left 4 Dead series of Valve. With that being said, the elements are borrowed heavily that the game even feels larcenous. However, you would feel that it is not a direct copy but rather a really great homage to that FPS zombie shooting game. So if you’re tired of zombies, Warhammer has rats.

Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide Review - A Co-op Melee FPS in the Warhammer Realm

If You Like Games That Let You Kill A Lot, Then Go For Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide

In many ways, Warhammer: End Times is just Left 4 Dead with a different skin. Characters are still yelling out the locations of the ammunitions, and they scream when a Skaven is along the way. They even beg for assistance when they are injured. Furthermore, just like its zombie counterpart, this videogame lets the player get involved in some other objectives other than shooting things in the head. For example, you would be gathering barrels of fuel then depositing them in a getaway vehicle (like that mall stage in Left 4 Dead 2). Even though it feels like a direct copy to the famous zombie-shooting game, it does this pretty well.

In Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide, there are five distinct characters that battle Skaven. Each character has their own fighting strengths, equipment, and unique playstyles. In between missions, you (as the player) will choose the gear that sets the changes as to how the characters will play.

Each weapon class has its own unique characteristics, but each of them is all about the fun in killing. For instance, getting the sword and shield combo will give the player to make their character the role of the party’s tank. There is also the warhammer (wonder where that came from, huh?), which is a more powerful melee tool.

In addition to the different gear and weaponry, the AIs on the other characters have very different ways of playstyle. For example, the Elf Waywatcher will be an expert in saving allies from special Skaven as the character is proficient in providing back-up via a long-range headshot.

The unique thing about this Warhammer game is that the characters are more entwined to use melee weapons (unlike Left 4 Dead which has a flurry of guns). But gamers may sense that the melee system is not as deep as Fatshark’s earlier games. For instance, changing the controlling angle or direction will not change a swipe into a stab.

Warhammer: End Times is a great twist on the Left 4 Dead formula for gaming. It deserves a lot of praise, and perhaps even more on what the zombie-game did for Valve.


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