C by GE LED – A Smart Bulb That Syncs With Your Sleep

C by GE is the latest addition to modern-day smart bulb technology. It is introduced as a new line of Bluetooth LEDs by the company. With the Bluetooth connectivity, the bulbs are able to “speak” directly to your phone. Therefore, a hub will clearly not be needed.

C by GE LED - A Smart Bulb That Syncs With Your Sleep

C by GE Will “Talk” to Your Phone

The starter pack of the C by GE will come with four bulbs. While the company is no stranger to low-cost smart lighting, they still think that users should be allowed to have something easier to deal with. That being said, there will be two types of these bulbs that will be up for sale.

The first of the two types is just a simple, dimmable smart bulb. This is not much different from the Link LED (which was also made by GE), except for the addition of the Bluetooth connection. With this type, you can sync it up to your phone (through its dedicated app), and it will allow you to control it by turning it on and off, or dim it. You can also schedule the lighting changes via GE’s app.

In the second type of the C by GE LED, it gets a little more interesting. Aside from the features that can be found in the first type, it will now give users the option of having three distinct color temperature settings. These are designed to sync with your sleeping cycles. In other words, this means that you will be able to schedule what color is emitted by the bulbs to change it from an energizing white light during the day, to a warmer glow in the evening.

GE states, and promises, that their app will be able to over simplify things to make controlling the bulbs easier than ever before. This is critical, given that the company’s aim is getting these lights into homes that may have not yet embraced connected technology as of late.

There is one drawback that exists for these bulbs, and that is its Bluetooth technology. You might be thinking, “I thought this was good.” Well, there’s also a bad side to it, and by “it” it means that you cannot control the lights when you are not at home. Unlike other smart bulbs in the market which can be controlled even when you’re not at home, GE’s offerings does not have this feature. However, it may be justified due to its price tag being targeted for the low-range market.

The C by GE is promised to have a possible integration with other technologies, such as the Apple Homekit, in the future.


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