Mushroom 11 Review – A Physics-Based Game That Allows You to Control a Fungus

If you want a game that takes you away from the sci-fi adventures and allow you to control a fungus instead, then play Mushroom 11. It is a platform-puzzler type videogame that spans across seven chapters. The objective? Move very carefully by destroying yourself. Upon reading that last statement, you might probably be thinking, “Wait, what?” Yes, once again, you move very carefully by destroying yourself.

Mushroom 11 Review - A Physics-Based Game That Allows You to Control a Fungus

Mushroom 11 is a Unique Platform-Puzzler That Lets You Take Control of a Fungus

Mushroom 11 has a unique playstyle in which the main character (if that’s what you call it) is a colony of rapidly growing cells. The cells grow at a fixed volume, providing it is touching something solid. When you clench the left mouse button, the cursor will swell to an eraser brush. Doing so will allow you to shave away one side of the fungus. When you do this, the “blob” expands, and would thus travel in the other direction. It will then mould itself around the contours of the area and it would even absorb nearby lifeforms (these are the collectibles in the game). You can chip away the fungus bit-by-bit with a smaller eraser brush, and you can even subdivide it. When you obliterate one piece of the “thing,” the other will then flatten up by the same amount.

The cycle of death and rebirth that is the Mushroom 11 game places players in landscapes that will test their wits and patience. There are even boss fights at the end of levels wherein defeating them is a matter of utilizing what has been learnt throughout the past stages. However, for those who are already constantly making their way through the many challenges found in the levels, later on it feels like you would already know what to do. The only challenge left is the technique you have to pull in order to go from point A to point B.

Still, it does not mean that the learning curve found in Mushroom 11 is an easy one to tackle. In fact, it may even be the most elaborate puzzle-platformer that you will encounter this year. There are even some areas that even though you already know how to do it, you might still get enraged over the fact that it your timing is off. But for those who have the patience to complete this magnificent, yet quite the simple videogame, will give themselves a pat on the back for a job well done.


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