Volvo S60 D3 Review – A Combination of Luxury, Performance, and Safety

The Volvo S60 D3 is a mix of the right stuff to make it what it is and true enough, the S60 is a classic Volvo sedan with luxury features and a fuel economical yet decently powerful turbodiesel. To some a luxury vehicle doesn’t go with diesel or fuel economy as luxury vehicles come with the power to match its sky high price and the cost of ownership. The S60 is an actual hidden gem among the many cheaper yet less luxurious compact sedans in the segment as Volvo puts itself on the premium market.

Volvo S60 D3 Review - A Combination of Luxury, Performance, and Safety

There are Things to Like About the Volvo S60 D3, and a Lot of Them at That

The exterior of the Volvo S60 D3 looks may be understated as it features no aggressive lines, angry scoops, and menacing aero features. Most of the design cues evoke a typical midsized sedan among others but the beauty is in the details such as the gorgeous tail lights that just get better at night. The side profile despite the lack of lines has a swooping roofline that makes the midsized sedan look smaller as if it’s a coupe. Under the hood is a two liter turbocharged DOHC diesel engine that puts out a rather modest 163hp and 400nm of torque at a low 1500 rpm making peak power delivery almost instant pulling the luxury sedan’s weight as of it was a lighter car. The diesel power plant is mated to a smooth shifting 6 speed auto.

The interior of the S60 D3 is simple looking yet functional all while maintaining a premium feel on all touch points. At its price point top quality interior is to be expected and Volvo delivers at this area and everything looks so stealthy you’d think twice if the car was less expensive than its actual price. Sure there are a feq missing features such as aluminum pedals and lumbar support but most of the cost went to all the safety features of the vehicle anyway.

Driving the Volvo S60 D3 is surprisingly fun and agile while the diesel engine puts out all the torque it could muster at very low revs making for a very responsive ride, the chassis works hand in hand with the power train to provide a stable and responsive ride all while keeping potholes  and undulations at  bay. Another great thing about the S60 is even with all the enthusiastic driving if you should choose to do so, the engine performs well while maintaining excellent fuel economy.


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