The Ferrari LaFerrari Review – Numbers Don’t Lie

The Ferrari LaFerrari or in English “The Ferrari” is Ferrari’s latest hypercar offering to those who can not only afford a hypercar but also is worthy of owning a LaFerrari in Ferrari’s standards. Not everyone can own a hypercar like this, you’d have to be very rich to spend on a car such as the LaFerrari and even if you have the money, Ferrari has some pre requisites for would be owners of their latest masterpiece. So yeah you can’t easily own one, why bother with the review? The answer? Because it’s a ‘Rari duh.

The Ferrari LaFerrari Review - Numbers Don't Lie

The Ferrari LaFerrari is No Puppy Dog

The exterior of the Ferrari LaFerrari is designed for form and function. No vent, curve, angle, scoop, and other exterior detail of the car does not serve a purpose, be it cooling the brakes, feeding the V12 beast lots of air, or for keeping the drag either down or up when accelerating and braking respectively. Put it simply the LaFerrari is gorgeous while maintaining function. Under the hood is a hybrid power plant the consists of a 6.3 liter V12 pushing out 789hp coupled with an electric motor worth 161hp bringing the total up to 950hp. All this is mated to a super quick 7 speed dual clutch auto with manual shift.

On the inside you get typical Ferrari interior that’s focused on the car being racecar first than a luxurious vehicle. You’ll find two seats mounted low with a generous amount of side support, an interior with lots of exposed carbon fiber, and digital displays flank the gauge cluster. There’s a decent MFD interface on the console and a great sound system but you’d listen to that V12 at the back anyway.

Driving the LaFerrari is quite surprising. Ferrari said they could have built a race car but then only race car drivers could enjoy it. The thing with the LaFerrari is that it is accessible. Its got the power to reach its limits, the chassis to keep it stable, and the technology to keep everything in harmony including the driver. Sure you could put it in a straight, floor it, go real fast and enjoy the experience but once you take it for a spin on the curves, you’ll find that the car gives you that additional sense of confidence in the car. Light steering and low center of gravity makes for a very exciting yet very enjoyable ride.

The hybrid engine on the Ferrari LaFerrari flattens out the torque curve and is there to assist the V12. Great sound coming from the NA engine. It’s a Ferrari.  Still, If you can get yourself a Ferrari, there’s no room for any bad points about it. It represents all the technological improvements that Ferrari has perfected through out the years in the industry. It is indeed The Ferrari.


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