Viv – The Virtual Assistant Made by the Creators of Siri

The first test for Viv, the new artificial intelligence technology that is created by the folks who also made the popular AI of Apple devices Siri, was to get a pizza from Pizz’a Chicago that was near the office of one of the engineers. The setting was simple as well as it was in an ordinary conference room wherein a group of engineers sat down who wanted to order pizza.

Viv - The Virtual Assistant Made by the Creators of Siri

Viv Was First Tested to Order Pizza

This first step for Viv made everyone in that conference room a bit nervous. After making the command, there was a text that was received from the new artificial intelligence that stated: “Would you like toppings with that?” After which, the eight engineers that were in that room started jumping in and trying to give the AI instructions on what they would want to be placed on their pizza. Pepperoni, Half Cheese, and Caesar Salad were even part of the orders as the individuals peppered the AI with more commands. They even told it to add and remove toppings, then changing the dish from medium size to large.

Approximately 40-minutes after the explosion of orders for Viv the virtual assistant, as well as some hiccups as the AI was said to be confused with the office address, a Pizz’a Chicago delivery person showed up with four made-to-order pizzas.

The engineers were said to have erupted in cheers as their ordered pizzas have arrived. Even with some slight bumps on the road, they had accomplished their goal of ordering pizza just by the use of the AI, from start to finish. This was even done without placing a single phone call or without doing a single Google search. There wasn’t even any typing done at all, the report from Gadgets 360 says. Furthermore, the accomplishment was done without even having to download the app from Grubhub or Domino’s.

Pizza may just be pizza for many; but for Silicon Valley, this seemingly small operation is a dire cause for utmost celebration. Engineers from all over have long been tasked with the quest to finding the path of least friction to even accomplish seemingly simple goals. With the use of the new artificial intelligence, ordering pizza, among other tasks, can be done by just simply ordering your smartphone to do it for you.

Viv is among the furthest along in a challenge that many Silicon Valley believe that the next big thing with regards to computing and digital commerce itself would have the transition of turning smartphones, and perhaps even smart homes, cars, and other devices, into supercharged virtual assistants with conversational capabilities.


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