The Division – Daily Missions Taken Off. Will Fix in Next Hot Fix.

The Division is still struggling to rectify the things that have gone wrong after their April update as that major patch brought about a lot of frustrating bugs and glitches. There are even some issues that are known to be game-breaking, such as the way on how players are able to get infinite credits. In the next hot fix, it would appear that at least one of those problems will be going away soon. Said fix updates the list of Daily Missions in order for the game to avoid any potential missing days.

The Division - Daily Missions Taken Off. Will Fix in Next Hot Fix.

The Division Fixes Bug With Daily Missions in Next Hot Fix

There are many games who sought out to get The Division when it was announced. The number of excited players then grew when Ubisoft release their first teaser for the game, and it grew even further when the first gameplay footage was launched. However, recent developments have seen gamers’ enthusiasm to be marred due to the Daily Missions being taken off the grid. That, along with the assortment of other issues and glitches, the developers were forced to backpedal in an attempt to address the bugs that has been brought by the major update last April.

The results so far for Ubisoft’s attempts to rectify everything is far from encouraging. Tom Clancy’s The Division has now become a subject of controversy and even something of a punchline for many gamers because of glitchy content and bad launches. What started as pure endearment for the game has now come to a title wherein the number of players has begun to shrink at an alarming pace in just two months after the new IP’s release.

On the brighter side of things, Ubisoft is not just about to give up yet. However, a post by the developer’s Community Manager Ubi-Banshee has confirmed that the publisher will be releasing a hot fix on the 4th of May in order to address the game’s daily mission issue. The post, albeit very brief, tells what Ubisoft will do to make for that one change that will come with the upcoming hot fix. The post reads: “Updated the list of Daily Missions to avoid any potential missing days. Please note that the list has been updated on the server only and may not appear updated in the client files.”

Gamers of The Division, who have also been known to be suffering through what can only be simplified as a terrible first few months after the game’s official release, will most likely be disappointed that more of the pressing concerns for the game do not yet have a solution.


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