Viewsonic VP2772 review – A Monitor for the Serious Professional

The Viewsonic VP2772 offers near-excellent color accuracy, hence it is the one of the go-to monitors for professionals, especially those that are within the graphic design industry. Of course, you can play games with it, and you can even watch your favorite movies on it, but its optimal color accuracy is definitely for professional convenience. Because Viewsonic made this particular unit with this in mind, it has plenty of adjustments that cater to colors. It also uses a 10-bit panel, a 14-bit LUT (Look Up Table), and a 12-bit color engine, all of which will ensure that it can produce smoother gradations and more colors than your average consumer monitor.

Viewsonic VP2772 review - A Monitor for the Serious Professional

The Viewsonic VP2772 is a Boon for Professional Graphic Artists

With its slew of color-related features, the Viewsonic VP2772 is placed in a rather attractive price. The good news about this is that it doesn’t hide a lot of shortcomings even though it is placed in such a price point.

However, its looks does not play the part of a professional-grade monitor. Simply put, it doesn’t look great. It just looks like, well, a basic monitor. It has an industrial charm to it, which is pretty much decent, but it certainly won’t win any awards in this regards.

Still, what it lacks in style, it makes up for solidness and rigidity. Its base is among the most stable you can get in today’s market. It ensures that bumps and nudges on desks won’t cause to wobble around. Its height, tilt, and rotate adjustment motions are handled well and are smooth to operate with.

There’s also a 90-degree pivot for those purposes that would require you to look at images or documents better in portrait mode. This is always a welcome addition, and even more so since this is a display made for professionals in the graphic industry.

In terms of image quality, the VP2772 does not have the best in the industry, but it has elements that make it pretty exceptional against its competitors. It has a true contrast ratio of 916:1 and a color accuracy of 3.26. These numbers are already pretty good for a consumer monitor, but just a wee bit below par for real professional use. However, these readings are done in its native mode.

Switch to sRGB mode and the number change. The contrast ratio changes to 841:1 and color accuracy now becomes 1.12. With these, it promotes outstanding results and is now better suited for professionals in the graphic sector.

For its price, the Viewsonic VP2772 is certainly worth the try. It is a safe choice if you want a high quality monitor with great color accuracy but just have the right amount in your budget.


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