Asus PB287Q Review – A “Cheap” 4K Monitor

Although the Asus PB287Q is able to handle 4K pixel resolution, it is based on cheaper TN panel technology. It does claim to have low 1ms response times, which do make them a great companion when playing games. Arguably speaking, this is placed in the “cheaper” area of 4K displays for computers. However, it comes with a higher price tag among other “cheaper” ones in the market.

Asus PB287Q Review - A "Cheap" 4K Monitor

Can the Asus PB287Q Justify Its Higher Price Tag?

Once again, even though the Asus PB287Q, it does cut a few corners to achieve the UHD resolution. To start, it does not support 4K at 60Hz, but this is common in many early 4K TVs and most of the 4K monitors on the market are only able to manage 60Hz over DisplayPort along with 30Hz when connected through HDMI.

This 60Hz support is obviously important for playing games, since it claims to have 1ms gray-to-gray response times. Other specs and features include a flicker-free backlight (which will appeal to anyone who are prone to eye-strain), and a claimed contrast ratio of 1,000:1.

Connectivity for the monitor could be better as the PB287Q only has one DisplayPort 1.2 port and two HDMI 1.4 ports. However, it should be noted that these two HDMI ports do provide MHL support. There are other 4K monitors that now carry HDMI 2.0 ports and they even support 60Hz 4K, it would be nice to have this for Asus’ offering but this is just really nitpicking.

As for its looks, it does get pretty basic. It sports the traditional monitor look of being all black and monitor-like. The bezels around the panel are not offensively wide, and the company has kept the labels to a bare minimum. Overall, the design is pretty decent, but not very impressive.

When it comes to performance, there are some corners that were cut, especially in the contrast department. Asus claims that the monitor has a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, when in reality it’s just 819:1. Even though this is a common trend for 4K monitors, it would still mean that colors lack a decent level of “pop” in them. However, images do look pretty decent but are not outstanding in any way.

Even though the Asus PB287Q is placed in the “cheaper” line of 4K monitors available on the market, it is costs more among its similarly priced rivals. There are other displays from other manufacturers that have lower price tags, and can perform slightly better than this one. But if you’re a devout fan of Asus, then this is the one to get.


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