Samsung S34E790C Review – A Curved PC Monitor

Even though the “curved” moniker is more attuned to TVs nowadays instead of PC monitors, here we have the Samsung S34E790C. At its core, this is a computer monitor but it has a gentle arcing design which is supposed to improve immersion when playing games. It also provides a similar experience when watching movies, or even when working.

Samsung S34E790C Review - A Curved PC Monitor

The Samsung S34E790C Presents a Number of Great Possibilities

One of the defining features the Samsung S34E790C is its size. It is 34-inches (measured diagonally), and it is one of the biggest 21:9 aspect ratio screens that you can see on today’s market. In fact, with its size, it’s pretty hard to miss.

It continues the South Korean fascination over the curved technology, and they claim that this arc design will help in a number of ways including gaming, watching movies, and even when working. Furthermore, because of such a design, it reduces any viewing-angle-based image distortions that would otherwise be the result from using a large screen.

Its curve is tweaked to the natural radius of the human eye. Therefore, Samsung says that it makes for better contrast and image quality. This 34-inch display comes with a native resolution of 3,440 x 1,440-pixels. For comparison’s sake, most 21:9 aspect ratio monitors use a resolution of 2,560 x 1,080-pixels.

For its size and resolution, the S34E790C is able to compete with 4K displays pretty well. It offers a pixel density of 110-ppi, which is more than adequate to get a good level of contrast on the display. Furthermore, it also means that it can boast plenty of sharpness in details. Overall, this monitor is already useful out of the box and will most probably not require any means of tweaking.

In terms of image quality, it offers plenty in this category. To start, brightness levels bring the display brighter than rivals found in LG and Philips screens. This is because it has a powerful backlight. Color gradation is just as impressive, and black levels and dark tones are inky and deep while still being able to provide plenty of detail. All of these assist in delivering a prime contrast ratio of 2,133:1. Hence, this makes it a very ideal monitor for watching movies or playing games.

The Samsung S34E790C curved display does add a sense of immersion, but not to the extent that you would marvel at it. It does assist in playing games or watching movies, but the supreme contrast ratio and brightness levels are more notable features than its arc aesthetic.


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