Valve Steam Controller Review – Thinking Out of the Orange Box

If there is one thing the Valve Steam Controller is set out to do, that is to do the impossible, and it may very well achieve its goal. This latest peripheral from Valve aims to unite all genres of games. Yes – The company intends to let gamers “explore gaming’s full back catalog – along with its bright future.” With this controller, gamers all over can play the games that were originally made possible only for the keyboard and the mouse.

Valve Steam Controller Review - Thinking Out of the Orange Box

The Valve Steam Controller Allows Gamers to Play Just About Any Game Genre

Recent tests and playthrougs with the Valve Steam Controller astounds many. It can really play every kind of videogame. Whether it may be old school or new ones, the controller can really deliver. It succeeds where others feared to tread. To the company’s credit, they came up with some great solutions along the way.

This Steam Controller has two trackpads: one on the left and one on the right. These will pulse when your thumb moves along its surface. This will create a sense of control as it lets you know how far away from the edge you are.

Valve also came up with two-stage triggers along with two extra buttons at the back of the device. This gives gamers, and even game creators, more options than what a standard videogame controller can offer.

And one of the best part is, it is considerably less expensive than its competitors. However, Valve states that the hardware, price, and features of their controller are just the first steps of the plan. The company envisions a world wherein “standard, one-size-fits-all” control methods would no longer exist. For instance, if you do not want the “shoot” command to be mapped on the A button at all times, then why should it be there in the first place?

Valve envisions more user-friendly control when it comes to gamers playing their games. Therefore, the company will enable all users and developers to upload their own control schemes on the Steam store. This way, anyone can upvote the schemes the ones that truly matters most and just ignore (or even hide) the ones that do not make sense.

With all of this, it begs the question, “Does the Valve Steam Controller have what it takes to make PC games more playable in the living room?” The current answer is no. The company has a lot of things planned for this device and the games that it will be associated with. So that answer may change in time.


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