LG 65EF950V Review – The Company Does Away With OLED’s Issue

The LG 65EF950V deals with OLED screen technology’s controversial issues. There are two known problems with today’s OLED technology. The first issue is with manufacturing them. They are made in large numbers which meant that their prices to remain at a stubbornly high price. The second concern is that it hasn’t felt right for many as many OLED screens as of late went with the curved design rather than a flat one.

LG 65EF950V Review - The Company Does Away With OLED's Issue

With the LG 65EF950V, Flat is Best

Thankfully, the company has been paying attention with customer feedback when they made the LG 65EF950V. The OLED TV in question packs a 65-inch display and it truly cannot be any flatter. In fact, the flat finish is so flawless that it emphasizes the extraordinary lack of depth as the TV shows off over much of its rear side.

The screen’s large expanse rests on less than 5-millimeters of panel depth which is around two-thirds of its rear area. This creates a modern, futuristic, and stylistic approach to its design that one can even say it is more attractive than the curved design.

The reason why the LG 65EF950V TV has not been able to make the entire rear of the device to be under 5-millimeters is due to it having to fit connections, tuners, speakers, and processing systems. After all, it is a fully-functional television set rather than just being a ‘dumb screen.’

For its connections, there are a lot. There are four HDMI ports for the LG TV that are built to the latest spec. This means that it can play both native 4K UHD (up to 6 frames-per-second even) while also being able support High Dynamic Range (HDR) playback.

Therefore, it offers viewers a chance to see video with a greatly increased luminance range. This range moves past the color and brightness restrictions that have been associated with previous TV technologies, including LG’s other alternatives. Hence, the 65EF950V can deliver more dynamic, contrast-rich, bright, and ultimately more natural footage.

Aside from its wondrous display, the 65EF950V is also packed with smart features. It provides three USB ports for multimedia playback or recording with the use of the built-in Freeview HD tuner. It also has a built-in Wi-Fi support for both multimedia streaming and access to LG’s online services.

The LG 65EF950V delivers extraordinary contrast, sensational colors, superb design, and the webOS is not something to laugh at either. However, the premium specs also call for a premium price tag. Still, you will find it quite forgivable considering the power and performance you’re going to get from this TV.


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