Should You Use an E-Cigarette or a Vape Pen When Quitting Smoking?


Smoking isn’t exactly the best thing for your health. What’s next in line?

So, you’ve finally decided to take the leap and stop smoking traditional cigarettes. When trying to quit, in recent years many have turned to alternatives for smoking such as using e-cigarettes and vape pens. The appeal of both is the smokeless and customizable aspect. Is there a difference between the two though? And which alternative smoking method is preferred for those trying to quit?
Below, we take a closer look at the exact differences between an e-cigarette and a vape pen.


This is where the vaping phenomenon got started. The e-cigarette was created in 2003 and was the first alternative to a traditional cigarette. The idea behind it was to create a vapor system to allow people to still inhale nicotine without the smoke of a traditional cigarette.
The e-cigarette has three main parts to it. There is the battery, the cartomizer, and lastly the mouthpiece which is usually made of silicone. The device is about the same weight, shape and size of a traditional cigarette. For this reason, sometimes it is preferred for people looking to stop smoking because it mimics the look and feel of smoking.
There is usually an LED light at the end of the device that glows when the user inhales. Inside, the cartomizer is where you fill the nicotine based liquid and it is usually disposable after it is emptied. The great thing about using e-cigarettes to quit smoking is the almost exact replica of a traditional cigarette, which makes it appealing for those accustom to holding and smoking them. However, when the cartomizer starts to get low, they can be difficult to smoke and cause frustration for those trying to quit.


Do you know the differences between a vape pen and an e-cigarette

Additionally, many have reported an inconsistent delivery of nicotine which can also be extremely frustrating for those trying to quit. Furthermore, users are restricted to buying the same brand of replacement nicotine cartridges as the brand of e-cigarette which can leave users with a lack of options when it comes to purchasing new replacement e-cigarettes.

Vape Pens

In just the last few years, vaping pens have become available. While they are new comers to the game, market research suggests that they are now one of the most popular alternatives to e-cigarettes and they are responsible for almost half of all non-traditional smoking device sales. The vape pens have gone away from the look of a traditional cigarette and look more like a big fountain pen. The vape pen is often viewed as an upgrade from the e-cigarette because you are better able to customize the various smoking options available.
The actual structure of the vape pen is very similar to an e-cigarette containing a battery at one end, a reservoir for the vaping liquid in the middle of the pen, and a mouth piece at the other end. To be able to trigger the liquid that is vaped, the user simply has to press a small button located near the end with the battery to release the vaping liquid.


Sometimes it is easier to quit smoking gradually so that the resulting change is permanent.

There are many advantages to the vape pen that users who are trying to quit smoking find attractive. For one, the vape pens have a much longer battery life compared to e-cigarettes. Further, vape pens are far more customizable than an e-cigarette. The pen allows you to combine any taste and flavor with any level of nicotine. This is particularly attractive to those who are trying to quit smoking because the user is able to gradually step down his or her intake of nicotine until they require none whatsoever.
This is a great way for smokers to wean themselves away from nicotine gradually. The vape pens are also noted for their smooth delivery of nicotine and they are fully refillable, which makes them much cheaper in the long run. The only real downside to a vape pen is the fact that they are slightly larger than a traditional cigarette and initially can come with a higher price tag.
If you are looking to quit smoking, the preferred method initially may appear to be an e-cigarette. The shape, look, and feel closely resembles that of a traditional cigarette. However, the numerous advantages of a vape pen, combined with the ability to gradually step down the amount of nicotine used makes it a strong candidate as a front runner for those trying to quit.

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