Uros Goodspeed MF900 Mobile Hotspot Review – A Mobile Hotspot With a Twist

Mobile hotspots are now a rare sight these days, and yet, here’s the Uros Goodspeed MF900 Mobile Hotspot. If you’re wondering why there’s been less of such an item as of late, then blame the rise in tethering. Tethering is the term used when modern mobile devices share their connections with the assistance of mobile OSes and a person’s generous mobile data package.

Uros Goodspeed MF900 Mobile Hotspot Review - A Mobile Hotspot With a Twist

The Uros Goodspeed MF900 Mobile Hotspot Targets the Business Market

There is a special niche being targeted by the Uros Goodspeed MF900 Mobile Hotspot and that target are businesses and their roaming employees. This device is built by ZTE and it can support up to 10 SIM cards at one time. For nano-SIMs, you will need to use an adapter for it to be placed inside this mobile hotspot. One of the slots in this device is reserved for the Uros system SIM.

Externally speaking, it is slightly thicker than your standard smartphone. It has a 128 x 128 pixel OLED display along with a tiny blue status LED found on its front fascia. Sliding the plastic cover down with give users access to those SIM card slots. The rest of its body is made out of a soft-grip material.

Upon using the device, you can cycle through the status screens with thanks to a menu button found on the right. There is a second screen which gives users details about the hotspot, such as SSID and password. The third status screen will provide you with details for the device, which are the serial number and software version.

With a good, yet simple number of controls, the MF900 Mobile Hotspot is quite easy to use. It boasts a smart design user-interface which is very user-friendly. It can also provide a lot of 4G surfing prowess thanks to its multiple SIM card slots. Battery life is quite long as well, which is a big plus for such a device.

However, only 75 countries are supported by this device, so it is best to check first if the mobile hotspot is supported in your country. Furthermore, the data allowance for the device is not completely generous either. The pricing structure should also be made clearer as well. It would also have been nice to put in the addition of a microSD slot since these are common on mobile broadband devices these days.

It is clear that the Uros Goodspeed MF900 Mobile Hotspot is made for small groups of employees who travel a lot for the sake of business and/or profession. There are also cheaper alternatives to the MF900 which come in different shapes to suit different senses of style.


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