Under Armour Headphones Wireless (Engineered by JBL) Review – Shows Promise But Has Some Shortcomings

The Under Armour Headphones Wireless is a pair of earphones which is the culmination of the partnership between Harman and Under Armour. Engineered by JBL, this pair of wireless earphones has a large housing (which may pose as a problem for some), and a silicon cover. Said cover is ringed with a row of treads. These treads have an integrated silicon eartip which extends out. To wear the device, you kind of have to screw the headphones into your ear to “lock” them in place. JBL claims that “the Twistlock technology guarantees the headphones will never fall out while the Flexisfoft finishing provides long-lasting comfort.” However, JBL may want to restate that claim as the silicon part is a tad too big which promotes a problem for some users.

Under Armour Headphones Wireless (Engineered by JBL) Review – Shows Promise But Has Some Shortcomings

The Under Armour Headphones Wireless Features Unique Design and Features

Because of the poor fit of the Under Armour Headphones Wireless, it can be pretty hard to judge as to how good the headphone sounds. When you pushed the eartips deeper into your ear, you will get a deeper sounding bass which does sound good. However, since the headphone fits poorly, some users will hear a flat tone with little bass.

There is another variant of the model which is called the UA Headphones Wireless Heart Rate, which as the name implies, it has a heart-rate monitor. It has a different design as the standard model and do fit inside ears a little better. Using the US Health & Fitness app, you will be able to check up on your heart-rate.

Both variants have an IPX5 rating which means it brings some water resistance into the mix. Hence, you can bring it along your jogging or running excursions. However, since they do have a poor fit, you may have to stop frequently just to readjust them.

For the extras, there is the inline remote and microphone which comes off as a norm in modern headphones. It will let you take control of tracks and handle calls with a push of a button. What’s interesting here is that you can charge the device via a hidden micro-USB port tucked away in the inline remote.

One of the best things about the Under Armour Headphones Wireless is not with the unit itself, but its protective storage pouch. It has a rubbery, sporty texture to it which is what you would expect from Under Armour. However, while the case is excellent, the poor fit of the headphone might make you want to reconsider getting this product.


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