2016 BMW 730d Review – Reinventing Fun

With the ­2016 BMW 730d, it brings back the fun of driving. While the previous generation was geared to fit rear passengers, the 2016 model is brought into the market as a proper driver’s car. It comes with a seriously good list of technology, which includes a suspension that effectively reads the road and will adapt to the driver’s inputs. This puts the car manufacturer to effectively raise the bar in terms of technological standards for vehicles.

2016 BMW 730d Review – Reinventing Fun

The ­2016 BMW 730d Brings a Good List of Functional and Enjoyable Tech

To start with the design of the ­2016 BMW 730d, let’s take a look at its interiors. For its cabin, there is an ambient lighting that fills every corner of the cockpit. It also brings a new feature into the mix as the driver, or anyone in the vehicle, can change the color of the ambient lighting. It can be changed to one of the 6 available colors.

At its dash, there is a wide screen interface that easily dominates space. This interface has a fully digital instrument panel which is able to change readouts depending on whether you’re at cruising speeds or hammering down on the throttle.

The vehicle also presents an eco-pro mode which is all about efficiency read-outs. The ­BMW 730d (2016) also has a sport mode wherein the tacho and speedo dominate. Other hi-tech inclusions are a larger head-up display which shows the                 street speed, car speed, turn instructions for the satnav, radio station choices, and call details.

Driving it around town will present you with a nimble car experience despite the vehicle being a beast to maneuver around city streets and parking areas. Thankfully, the car manufacturer included a car assistance feature to park safely. This feature will let the car hit the brakes when you’re about to back into something. It will also let you know when it is safe to pull out of a tricky parking spot.

There is also the BMW Traffic Jam Assistant which gives the driver a semi-automatic kind of driving experience while in traffic congested areas. There are also speed limit warnings which help a lot when driving around school zones.

While there are other vehicles that focus too much on installing brand new tech for the sake of fashion, the ­2016 BMW 730d deals with that notion by letting the driver and the passengers enjoy technology that are both fashionable and fully functional. Ultimately, there is little to complain about the vehicle as it offers an extremely comfortable riding experience.


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