Grid Connect ConnectSense Smart Outlet Review – Does What it is Supposed to do, And Nothing More

If you want to make your devices smarter, then why not check out the Grid Connect ConnectSense Smart Outlet. This product plays along with Siri-controlled smart home software that comes along with iOS 8 and 9. Using the companion app, connect the plug into your home’s Wi-Fi network then it will walk you through the 2-minute setup process. With the aid of Apple’s AI, it will work together with the app, and in an almost flawless manner. You can then say “Good Morning!” to the connected device and watch as your smart home devices will respond to your voice gesture.

Grid Connect ConnectSense Smart Outlet Review – Does What it is Supposed to do, And Nothing More

The Grid Connect ConnectSense Smart Outlet Lets Siri Take Control of Your Home

When using the Grid Connect ConnectSense Smart Outlet, the accompanying app does deserve particular praise. With the aid of the app, you are able to take control of all your other Apple HomeKit devices. Said app will also make it easier to group each compatible device into HomeKit’s organizational buckets such as zones and rooms.

Apart from saying “Good Morning!” to the app, it will also allow triggers, and even set conditions such as “If this-then that” functionalities for your HomeKit devices. The ConnectSense Smart Outlet also has a nightlight, a USB charging port, and Bluetooth connectivity. But if you’re hoping for an all-in-one device, this isn’t it. This outlet serves to connect your devices together to have smarter functionalities, and that’s about the best that it can do.

Nonetheless, it does what it intends to do with minimal hitches, if there are any. While its rivals can do more (the iHome iSP5 works with Android devices, and the iDevices Switch provides energy monitoring features), it aims to become a solid option to create a smarter environment for homeowners who are also using HomeKit devices. The company also claims that the ConnectSense does have energy monitoring installed in its hardware, but not yet for the software side. Therefore, an update may come soon to bring the feature to life.

The Grid Connect ConnectSense Smart Outlet brings itself as a solid option to the market, especially if you have some devices in your home that are in close proximity with each other that you want to automate separately, together, or under a specific condition. Perhaps the best part of this product is not with the device itself, but with the companion app primarily because it’s free to download. The app is even useful enough whether you purchase the plug or not.


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