Ulo – The Cutest Way to Monitor Your Home

Ulo is not a toy, even though at first glance it might be. It is your personal interactive home monitoring owl. This “camera” will create a unique bond to its users, something that other conventional cameras could not do. It will redefine the way homeowners interacts with their smart objects. Well, this security camera will communicate to you through eye expressions.

Ulo - The Cutest Way to Monitor Your Home

Ulo is Your Interactive Home Monitoring Owl

Ulo lets you know what’s up with the use of its eyes. There is a webpage and mobile apps that will allow you to change the color of its eyes to your desired look. It’s not just the color, but you can also change the shape and size of its eyes to match the interiors of your home, or for your personal tastes. There are no brand logos or icons found on the screen. However, you will instantly know what this security owl has in mind.

For example, when it’s batteries are low, the owl will look tired. When taking a snapshot of whatever it sees, its eyes will blink. It also has a motion detector system that will have its eyes follow you, or anyone else around that are within its field of vision. There are also random animations that bring this cute owl made for security create that extra spark of life.

What makes the Ulo Security Owl unique is its eye expressions. These are possible thanks to the round LCD screens which are usually manufactured for modern-day smartwatches. Operation is also quite simple; one tap on the head will turn it on/off, and two taps will activate its Alert Mode. Users are also able to configure custom tap sequences for its commands.

Alert Mode will work when the connected smartphone leaves the home Wi-Fi network. Every moment will be recorded in the form of an animated GIF and will be sent to your email. Unfortunately, you can’t see the eye expressions on the email that has been sent. Once the smartphone returns to the home network, Alert Mode will be disengaged.

Aside from sending you animated GIFs, it can also do live video streaming. It is a very simple way to check what is going on in another room. If you want to monitor your baby across the room without your child getting creeped out by the looks of a conventional security camera, then this cute owl can do wonders. You can even monitor them in the dark as it has infrared night vision (what’s an owl that can’t see well in the dark anyway).

Ulo has tons of other features as well including a built-in speaker, a waterproof body, smart orientation functions, and a decent battery life. There are dedicated apps for this owl and they can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices.


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