G-RO – The Luggage Aimed to Change Everything About Travel

One of the hassles of packing for travels is for you to sort everything accordingly into the luggage to make everything fit; but then again there’s the G-RO. This intelligent luggage lets you enjoy your trip without the troubles of sorting your stuff inside the bag. It has storage for a standard mobile tablet, an easy access pocket made for essentials, and it can even act as a charging station.

G-RO - The Luggage Aimed to Change Everything

With G-RO, Travel Without the Baggage

G-RO is in a category of its own as it is called a “companion bag.” It is designed to accompany people who want, or need to travel a lot. This is perfect for backpackers who want to see the world or for the travelling businessman who is in one city for this day and another on the next day. It’s not just for these people to which this intelligent luggage will be able to benefit greatly. It can even be used for people who need to bring loads of stuff to their friends across the block.

Travelling can be a hassle, albeit there are those times that it can be enjoying. However, if travelling becomes a requirement (due for a reason) then it can take the fun out of the experience. One of the main challenges of travel is sorting everything into one bag. After all, the more luggage you carry, the more difficult the travel.

The G-RO Intelligent Luggage is built behind that premise. This new kind of crossover bag is basically a box on casters. The wheels are patented by Shalgi Design Studio (the people behind the luggage) and has a lot of advantages. With their wheels, the bag feels lighters, will roll easier, can last longer, enables you to pack smarter, and it will also add to the overall design of the product.

One of the troublesome things that could happen when rolling your luggage is when the handle breaks. With the G-RO’s handle, it is made with aircraft-grade aluminum to make it last longer and become more durable. Another bonus is that the handle can stretch six inches further than industry standards. There are stops at multiple levels to accommodate people of all heights.

There are also other things that you can find in the G-RO. For instance, there are impact-resistant polymer handles on the side, it has a flat-back interior, a waterproof bottom, a spacious interior, an easy access pocket for liquids, and an exterior work pocket for tablets and laptops of about 15-inches in size. With its many possibilities to carry around your stuff, travel has become so easier to deal with.


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