TrackR Atlas – Never Lose Your Stuff Around Your Home Again

The TrackR Atlas is a low-cost Wi-Fi plug that will map out your home so that you don’t have to spend hours trying to find your stuff around the house ever again. The promise of the device is it can place it across the house and it will map out the room for you. It will then tell you where your missing item (or items) is located.

TrackR Atlas – Never Lose Your Stuff Around Your Home Again

Never Lose Your Things Around the House Again With the TrackR Atlas

The real upgrade for the TrackR Atlas is it now has Wi-Fi connectivity. When paired with Bravo tags (made by the same company), both items will interact with each other so you don’t have to lose them again within your property. You can even place the Bravo tag on your pet so you will always be in the know where Fido is playing around the house. You can even get notifications when the dog jumps over the fence and into your neighbor’s yard.

Trackr is also promising the Atlas plug to be compatible with the voice-controlled Amazon Echo. The Echo is a smart speaker that will allow you to ask it directly (with the use of voice commands) where your item is located.

Aside from the Wi-Fi connectivity and the compatibility with Amazon Echo, another advantage is its GPS network. For example, if you lose your wallet while you’re out and about and another Trackr user will pass within Bluetooth range of your wallet, then the network will let you know where the wallet is located.

These are very neat claims but it does spring up a bunch of questions. For instance, how accurate is the data that will be received? If you are tracking your pet, will the device keep on sending notifications every time the dog comes in and out of Bluetooth range?

While it may be a while before we get to know the answers to these questions, it is still clear that the Atlas shows a lot of promise. Still, it does work best with the Bravo tag; therefore, interested buyers may want to purchase the plug and tag at the same time to get the full benefits of both items. Also, using the device is as simple as asking your phone with the dedicated app. Simply voicing out, “Where are my keys?” will put both devices in motion.

The TrackR Atlas is now available for crowdfunding over at their page at Indiegogo. Trackr says that the plug will be compatible with US, UK, Australia, and European Union-style sockets.


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