TiVo Bolt Review – The Price of Getting Smaller and Faster

TiVo has been in the DVR industry for quite a while, and now the company brings us the TiVo Bolt. This cable box is made for the casual TV viewer who just wants to enjoy their shows without making a huge upfront investment. It also piles on the features such as sending recording to mobile devices and commercial skipping functionality.

TiVo Bolt Review - The Price of Getting Smaller and Faster

Enjoy a New Way of Experiencing TV Shows With the TiVo Bolt

The TiVo Bolt has a unique design as it has a bent shape. This means that you won’t be stacking anything above it due to its shape, and for the fact that the size is now smaller as compared to earlier versions of the DVR. This also makes for a more shelf-friendly design as most people will have no problem fitting it into the place where they keep their entertainment systems. The box is virtually silent and the lights can be turned off on its front (such as with other previous models). But now, it’s missing the analog video/audio outputs, and that’s about the only thing that has been given up in this new model.

For the inside of the TiVo Bolt DVR, there is now a 2.5-inch hard drive. There are already some reports that owners of this device have swapped out the drives that are formatted within the DVR to make extra storage space of up to 3TB. Other than that, owners also have the option of connecting an external drive with the accompanied SATA port. However, you will need a TiVo-authorized Western Digital unit to do this. Also, if you remove the external drive, you will lose all the recordings that have been stored within. Hence, this puts a stop to possible piracy efforts.

The Bolt’s arc shape design is something that fans of the DVR will need some getting used to. The modern design is welcomed by many, but the inability to put something above it left some questioning its stacking compatibility.

Upon turning on the device, users will immediately take notice of the revamped software. Revamped it may be, it is still very “TiVo.” The icons are now in a flatter style and the channel logos are now given a more modern look.

The TiVo Bolt us very easy to use and will appease any who would like to go through their TV shows without much hassle. However, the odd shape is not for everyone to like and the SkipMode will sometimes fail to appear on certain shows where it should.


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