Things to look up to with Windows 10.

Things to look up to with Windows 10.

The Windows 10 official arrival is so soon, to add weight to the anticipation here are details you should know about this latest Operating System by Microsoft.

Windows 10 – Start Menu
This feature is back for good. There are four ways to launch apps in Windows, it could be through the desktop, the taskbar, Cortana and through the Start Menu which is easier for users just like the old good days.

Windows 10 – Fresh New Look
Everybody likes new things to look up to, something new to have and that is what Windows 10 have it has a fresh modern look that has a perfect right angles, cleaner look, it brings precise manner even though taskbar icons glow at the bottom when they are opened it is only the app icon that is currently in use that is highlighted unlike to the previous version of Windows all open apps open apps were highlighted regardless if it is in current use or idle state, confusing isn’t it? In Windows 10 confuse no more.

Windows 10 – Cortana
Who is Cortana? Microsoft Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant just like iOS Siri or Google Now. There are numerous tasks Cortana can do you just have to ask her to do it through typing it or by voicing it. Cortana as an assistant will take notes and reminders for you, just like she will tell you the songs you are listening to, she will search the web for you and will also give you information and with regards to your calendar appointments she will remind you. There are more things Cortana can do than will make your fascination with Windows 10 grow even more.

Windows 10 – Action Center
What is this all about? It is Windows 10 information hub that will show you notifications regardless if it is coming from your email, updates and app messages the latest notifications will appear in the right hand side portion of the screen. You can also find there quick access to settings, airplane mode, connectivity (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi) and more options.

Windows 10 – Continuum
Interestingly, this new feature function as a Microsoft senses’ depending on what hardware is available, Continuum switches the system that will transform the screen otherwise If this system sense that you are not using a peripherals such as keyboard and mouse it will appear in tablet mode or touch oriented yet when you plug in the keyboard and mouse it will then change to keyboard oriented mode.
Although there are many factors that this new feature needs further improvement but it is good to see new technology advancement that will eventually improve in a matter of time.

Windows 10 Lock Screen
With Windows 10 it is not just a lock screen it functions more than that, from lock screen you can connect to Wi-Fi network and other important settings and options. Additionally in Windows feature called Spotlight you have access to Bing’s stunning photographs which you can customized and used in your lockscreen.

Windows 10 Sounds
The sounds with Windows 10 were better compared to the previous Windows.

Windows 10 Settings
With the updated settings in Windows 10 you get a finger friendly buttons and sliders that would be of help to touchscreen users plus the design is plain and simple that you can easily and quickly navigate apps and more.


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