How can you lower your data usage?

How can you lower your data usage?

These days internet connectivity is like a food you can’t live without it. Think of not being connected to the internet in a single day? What would it mean to you? Otherwise such thoughts will not bother you if you are subscribe to an unlimited data plan or when you are simply connected to Wi-Fi but what if you do not have that resources? Think of ways at which point you can get internet connection that will not hurt your budget. There are ways to lower your data usage, what are they?

You can lower your data usage – Tip #1
Try switching your maps program this kind of program is a GPS program that uses data. Additionally the built-in navigation service that has turn by turn directions, traffic updates, and checking satellite mode consumes data and sometimes users are not aware of it. Be aware that is tip number one know when and where should you use your built-in maps to save data and avoid crossing the line in terms of your monthly budget for data.

Maps Programs for Android and iOS platform have offline modes, these way you can save data at the same time you can use map program in limited navigation though. In this particular mode GPS navigation is useless but it’s not the end of it yet there is another way to get GPS navigation even offline you just have to purchase it at $7.99, CoPilot (Android, iOS, Windows Phone) even though you need money to purchase it but the end result is some saved bucks for you lesser than what you have to pay for data connection.

Inbox should only contain the basic- Tip #2

Basically, opening messages consumes data especially those with large attachments why not opt to download the Dropbox’s Mailbox app applicable for devices that runs with Android and iOS operating system, aside from the fact that it is an excellent app it will also save you some data.

Use more competent browser – Tip #3
What particular browsers that will help you save data? Browsing the Web requires connection to save some data you need to find and download browsers that were efficient enough. What browse is it? The Opera Mini which is available in different platforms such as with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. In what way this browser could help you save data? This one particular browse will compress websites before it send them to your phone. The video boots feature of Opera Mini also saves data since it reduces buffering and it optimize clips which also comes with two option one is to reduce image quality and the second is to turn off image loading.


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