There is a system monitoring for home-based students

There is a system monitoring for home-based students

Don’t be surprised that taking an online course today could no longer mean that you can study while you are in your in your underwear, students should now wear pants while attending classes even if it is an online class. That is because students every move now is recorded through webcam and the system monitoring the students attending online classes will automatically flag irrational lapses in students end while attending online studies.

The monitoring is done by Proctortrack this particular service uses the webcam to capture video of the testing environment to continuously authenticate the test-taker and detect any test policy breaches or abnormalities. Proctortrackalso captures the desktop screenshots as well as the list of processes running on your computerto detect any programs that are not allowed to be running during tests. Further, if video detects suspicious behavior that includes looking away from the webcam, changing the lighting, dropping a pencil, and talking to someone out of frame. That part of the video where in these particular acts transpired will be flagged and then will be shared to the university instructors for evaluation, according to the company the monitoring is automated and that the videos will only be shared to school officials. The company pledges that it will not share personal information with third-parties and purges data after between 30 to 60 days.


However, the students of Rutger’s are not so happy about this development, one student Betsy Chao even shares her experience as unsettling, and even creates a petition that asks the university to abolish, the university is quick to respond that Proctortrack as an automated monitoring system, is not mandatory, however, can settle for another means of supervision such as human supervision.

Home-based studies are on the rise and that means that students will take exams in their homes and if you are one of these students don’t be surprised that will be monitored through a webcam while you are taking your exam.


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