Domain Names that are sounding like Hillary Clinton are pricey

Domain Names that are sounding like Hillary Clinton are pricey

Oh Wow, what’s with the name Hillary Clinton that makes it so juicy these days? The hot issue is not just in the physical world but also in the World Wide Web especially in terms of website domain names the name Hillary Clinton is such a huge hit that one ‘Hillary’ website is even going up to $295K.

In year 2000 and 2006 the was created by her campaign committee when she runs in U.S. Senate. In the year 2008 she use it again when she ran for President of the United States. Now, although the website of the hopeful Democratic Presidential which is the shows no any sign that she will vie the position again but soon enough it will change, so let us just wait for further announcement.

However the virtual world already hinted that Hillary Clinton will vie the position again, certainly Clinton’s name is one sure hit. The name Hillary Clinton is a prime real estate in terms of website domains. There is a dollar signs in Hillary Clinton’s name nowadays especially in the website domain market.

Take a look for example; is on the market for a whopping $295,000. is selling for $99,999. And the minimum bid on is $50,000 Even is going for $275,000. The domains are even on the auction block at Go Daddy (GDDY), the prices are already high although it is not drawing any interest yet.

There are also domain names that are anti-clinton and some of domain names are pricey.To mention few anti-Clinton domain names that are quite pricey; priced at $295,000. At $50,000 there’s and

 Who owns the most expensive domain name for Hillary Clinton? It is a 66-year-old retired factory worker who used to build weaponries missiles at the General Electric plant in Syracuse, New York and her name is Janet LaCelle, she bought the domains, and more than ten years ago for just $15 and each year she renews it.

 The aim of buying and keeping these domain names on hold is to gain money from it, there is a business in domain names and it is a huge business, it is like a real estate investment in the physical world where in you buy the stock at lower price first and you sell it later at higher price, sometimes your gain is more than 100%.


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