HP Spectre x360: The end result of HP and Microsoft collaboration

HP Spectre x360: The end result of HP and Microsoft collaboration

The HP Specre x360 is not just an attractive beautifully made notebook, the latest flagship notebook of HP in collaboration with Microsoft’s Windows team created a product that is a stunner outside yet powerful inside, this new notebook has a long battery life, amazingly fast performance in reasonable price. There is just one thing about this new laptop that makes it less than perfect, it is heavy, a bit though.

HP Spectre x360 – Hardware

The HP Spectre x360 measures 15.9mm or 0.63 inch, approximately weighing 1.44kg, or 3.17 pounds on the Quad HD model. On the full HD version it weighs 3.26 pounds and one of its panels is thinner than the other. The body design of this new notebook is undeniably resembled that of to Lenovo and Apple too. Yet with HP, it has a plus of improvement, Hp uses a different kind of gearing that let this newest notebook folds into itself, this means that you can use the system as a traditional laptop, and when you bend the lid backward, it will go all the way back into tablet orientation. Further difference of this newest HP notebook is that compare to Lenovo’s Yoga 3 Pro this is more solid and heavier. Using this newest convertible notebook in tablet mode means exhaustion in your hands after a while of holding it because of its solidity, but that is just a minor case, you can however put it on your desk and use it on Tent mode.

The x360 has tons of ports; this machine has three USB 3.0 connections, plus a full-sized HDMI socket, a Mini Display Port, an SD card slot, a headphone jack and a volume rocker, for use in tablet mode. The keyboard and trackpad of x360 are simply one of the best in the market, even better among other competition, the keys are made in metal buttons and apparently spacious, it has a 1.5mm of travel depth, allowing comfy navigation it gives more life compared to the traditional flat and lifeless keyboards. The trackpad of x360 has the same elongated shape as on the Spectre 13

It has a standard resolution of 1080p but is also offered in a 2,560 x 1,440 panel that also cost more. If you appreciate 13-inch MacBook Pro’s 2,560 x 1,600 display, mind you this x360 is worth your appreciation too.

The battery is powerful resulting to great battery life, it is rated that the x360 has up to 12.5 hours of runtime, but its power comes largely from its 56Wh battery, additionally HP and Microsoft team up means that more brains combined and more ideas poured to this latest notebook flagship, to have more efficient power, the combined team settled to shut off some parts of the system when not in use, which includes HP x360’s sensors in the hinge, this particular part tells what mode it’s in, and to further conserve energy the lowered the fan noise.


The x360 uses Broadwell, it is Intel’s new fifth-generation Core processors it has 2.2GHz dual-core Core i5-5200 chip and 8GB as the Dell XPS 13 although paired with different SSD but the performance are amazingly fast that includes speedy seven-second boot-ups and resume times of less than a second.

This device has 2×2 802.11ac WiFi radio, the wireless streaming is reliably fast and x360 can also quickly reconnect after sleep.

Apparently, x360 runs on Windows 8.1 and is upgradable to Windows 10. The team up of both prominent companies produced great device that has a great power when it comes to battery, fast and reliable performance, making it a strong choice for consumers.


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