The Qwerkywriter – Your Retro Mechanical iPad Keyboard

When you take a look at the Qwerkywriter, you would immediately feel nostalgic because of its old typewriter design. This Kickstarter success dwells within the lines of nostalgia, authenticity, and modern functionality. No, you do not need papers or ink ribbons to operate this device. What you need is your iPad to sit at the orifice of the neat gadget and start typing. You don’t have to worry about keys slamming into your iOS device as well as everything is done electronically.

The Qwerkywriter - Your Retro Mechanical iPad Keyboard

Be Nostalgic With the Qwerkywriter

The first thing that anyone can notice about the Qwerkywriter is that it is actually beautiful. Those that are born of the 21st century may not immediately grasp the nostalgic feel of this keyboard, but would still be able to appreciate its design and quality.

Also reminiscent of the old typewriter is that the Qwekywriter keyboard is not light; in fact, it is pleasingly heavy. While not compact or portable as it weighs 1,253-grams (or 2.8-pounds), it is made with a very durable solid aluminum that is covered with a matte black powder paint. Talk about adding to the authenticity of the old typewriter.

All these features, when combined, will give the feeling of that old-time rigidness of the old typewriter, and that’s not something to hate. It is sufficiently heavy that it practically discourages anyone from taking this down to your office or to your local coffee shop. If someone does bring it outside, you can probably spot them carrying this monster of a keyboard blocks away.

The design and build of this keyboard is not built for portability, hence, it is made with no Bluetooth or wireless connection. Users would really have to place their iPads onto the dock on the device for it to work properly. While it does add to the antique aesthetic, it does, however, make it somewhat difficult to actually use the keyboard to type on an iPad. This is because the iPad will slant about half a foot farther away, and it makes it difficult to see what you’re actually typing without having to slouch or lean forward first.

The keycaps found on the keyboard are spaced 0.5-millimeters away like the ones you see on an average chicklet keyboard. Each key is wonderfully loud and surprisingly clicky. Furthermore, since each of the keys are on a pillar, there are acres of travel.

The Qwerkywriter may not be for everyone. It’s either you love it or you hate it on the first time that you see it. This is created for those who would want to reminisce their old typewriter days as they are already living in a modern era.


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