The AKG Q701 – The Holy Grail of Headphones

For those who have gotten their hands on the AKG Q701 Headphones, your long search for the perfect sound/music listening device has come to an end. It is not just a great set of headphones, it is a very unique set of headphones. Many would even claim that listening with these fine pieces of sound listening technology is like nothing they have ever heard of.

The AKG Q701 - The Holy Grail of Headphones

Why are the AKG Q701 Headphones Worth Every Penny?

Let’s go over the reasons why the AKG Q701 Headphones are worth the buy. First of all, it is light on your head unlike other large headphones on the market. Unlike some headphones, which have a strong “clamping” force on the head (which can induce headaches during long use), the Q701 fits wonderfully light and comfortable over the head and ears.

The pads found on the AKG Q701 are made of a weird combination of hard and comfortable foam. There is also a self-adjusting headband that will allow users to, well, adjust to fit the shape and size of their heads.

Moving forward, the headphones are “flat.” What does this mean? It means that it does not particularly over-emphasize midrange, treble, or bass on whatever sound or music you’re listening to. In other words, what you want or need to hear is what you’re going to get. No loud, banging bass or over-emphasized notes when listening to your favorite tunes. Since the music produced is “flat,” there will be only minimal things that will sound “bad” on it.

The headphones are also open-backed. Many people are more familiar with closed headphones, but the Q701 is not one of those. With closed headphones technology, you will isolate yourself from a lot, or even all outside sound. But the Q701 and its open-backed design will let sound pass through the cups. This will let you hear ambient sounds coming from the surroundings. Furthermore, if someone is sitting right beside you, they will hear the music that’s coming out of the headphones.

There is also an enormous soundstage. It gives music the real meaning of the word “space.” This means that it is able to add a whole new dimension to the music that you’re listening to. The Q701’s soundstage will also make the device great for other uses, such as gaming or watching movies. This is due to letting the user get a feel of where the sounds are coming from.

The AKG Q701 Headphones really deliver a lot for the avid music listener, or the gamer, or the movie-watcher at home. It delivers “flat” sounds which are not bad, in fact, it is downright great.


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