The Pit Review – Aims to Deliver Something Different

Ever since Temple Run dawned into mobile phones everywhere, endless runners are now nothing new; however, The Pit tries to change that with its cute visuals and some unusual gameplay changes. While not all of its graphical and feature offerings are aimed to giving the best mobile gaming experience, it is still worth the download. It does promote some innovation to the genre that gives the category a slight boost in terms of playability.

The Pit Review – Aims to Deliver Something Different

The Pit Brings Some Unusual Aspects to the Endless Runner Category

One of the first things that you will immediately notice in The Pit is its minimalistic approach to its graphics. It helps in bringing a more cute, sharp, and attractive appeal to modern handheld devices. You will take control over a tiny sprite in a never-ending track (such is the premise behind the endless runner category). While this may sound all too familiar, especially if you’ve played a lot of Temple Run in its hay-day, the thing about this game is that you will only run in a single line.

Other Temple Run clones that you can find in the App Store will allow you to dodge certain obstacles by letting your character move on a three-lane track. Since you’re running on a single-lane track, you may be thinking that it becomes a far simpler task to dodge certain elements that would otherwise make you go back to square one. However, there is still plenty to enjoy in terms of challenges and there is an immediate replayability for each time you start running once more.

As with other endless runners, The Pit (iOS) maintains a highly addictive presentation no matter how long you play it. Even if you play it for short bursts, or when you decide not to sleep at night and continue on playing it until the sun rose, it will still let you keep on try once more.

When your sprite starts running, you will find that things are pretty easy at first. However, you will be surprised soon enough as the difficulty rises at certain sections. They will then demand precise jumps and slides.

However, once you grow tired of playing this endless runner, then it quickly loses its appeal. It’s the type of game that you would immediately uninstall once you grow tired of it and never look back. Still, it does offer a lot of positives before you grow tired of it.

Overall, The Pit is an enjoyable endless runner while the thrill and worth of the game lasts within your system. But once you do grow tired of it, you will be hard-pressed to open the app once more on your phone.


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