Pocket Mortys Review – Collect All the Mortys

Pocket Mortys is essentially a mobile game from the popular cartoon, Rick and Morty. Said show has already garnered quite the number in terms of fanbase as of late. The adult animation has now come to your mobile device. This game is basically, at its core, is much like the Pokemon titles. It is even complete with an almost identical user-interface and overall gameplay from the popular Nintendo videogame. But instead of hopping between towns and cities, you will travel to different dimensions to battle trainers. Once again, just like Pokemon, you will get badges from beating unique leaders. However, instead of just winning a regular tournament, you will have to use those badges to return home.

Pocket Mortys Review – Collect All the Mortys

Those Who Know Rick and Morty Will Get a Kick Out of Pocket Mortys

The premise behind Pocket Mortys is that Grandpa Rick has found himself trapped in a parallel dimension that are already populated by alternate dimensions of himself. One look and you will know it is a fascinating setting, especially if you’re familiar with the show. The visuals themselves seem like they have been pulled directly from the animated series.

Even if you don’t know the show that much, and are just familiar with it by even just a tiny bit, then the dialogue will immediately pull you right into the game. Pocket Mortys (Android) has a bitingly funny and supremely excellent long list of conversations that are complete with fantastic one liners and comical ingenuity. This mobile game may even allow you to actually watch the show.

Still, even if the dialogue is a joy to experience, there is a very distinct lack of voice acting for the game. Many characters don’t boast their comical masterpieces all because, well, you’re just going to read through them. Those who don’t have voice actors portraying their characters will just make you, as the player, to read through text found on bland boxes.

Once again, this game is like a direct clone of Pokemon. It’s battle system is identical to that Nintendo title, but the best part here is that the game has no problem admitting that. All throughout the game, Rick will make subtle stabs at Pokemon. At one point, you can even catch him singing the iconic theme song.

Even though it does lack the originality that you would expect from a lot of games of today, Pocket Mortys is still worth the download as it is a complete riot to play with. Even though once you finish the game it will lack a lasting impact, it still remains a fun, hilarious mobile app for both newcomers and long-time fans of the show.


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