Stupid Zombies 3 Review – Think Angry Birds, But With Zombies

Stupid Zombies 3 is something like Angry Birds but with zombies. Many people would not want to download this from Google Play just because they’ve just about had it with Angry Birds, but this “clone” is not your average, well, clone of that hit mobile game. This is a fun, addictive mobile title that builds on the formula that was once popularized by Angry Birds. It brings a dynamic level design, a weird yet charming visual aesthetic, and clever mechanics.

Stupid Zombies 3 Review - Think Angry Birds, But With Zombies

Stupid Zombies 3 Builds on the Angry Birds Formula and Improves it

In Stupid Zombies 3, you will gain access to a good range of weapons to defeat the undead. These must be aimed meticulously if you want to succeed in hitting all targets and with the use of as little ammunition as possible. Nailing a successive kill of multiple zombies with the use of bouncing off bullets around the environment brings a hugely satisfying experience. With levels differing in environmental structures, it allows players how to bounce their bullets off of the new area.

Stupid Zombies 3: Dying Light Edition, is a crossover twist from the popular PC game. It is an arcade-inspired mobile game with the mechanics remaining untouched from the Angry Birds titles. Everything about this zombiefied version of the popular title feels enhanced with an air of oppression around the game’s visual appeal.

When it comes to the core gameplay, it doesn’t come as simple as this and yet it is thoroughly addicting. Early levels will act as introductory stages wherein you will get to know the basics of playing the game. You will be given ample room for experimentation with as little consequence as possible. However, progressing also means that you will get to encounter increasingly difficult levels. Therefore, take your time in firing each shot and studying what each piece of equipment can do.

Despite being an enjoyable experience right from the onset, it still carries the caveat found in the Angry Birds titles. Simply put, it will become repetitive later on. However, this is not a game built to be played for long hours. It is a mobile videogame that you can play when you’re on transit or for short bursts of playtime.

Overall, Stupid Zombies 3 is a quaint game that should place a spot in your phone’s storage for a good long while. It blends an atmospheric visual style and surprising game mechanics that give you enough challenge until you complete all the levels.


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