The PicoBrew Pico – You’re Personal Home Brewery

Introducing the PicoBrew Pico – it is the coffeemaker of good beer brews. While it cannot produce good coffee, it does allow for fine tasting beer brews. It is an at-home brewer that uses pre-packaged ingredients packs. These packs are also patented and they are called “PicoPaks.” Using these PicoPaks, users are able to brew their favorite, well, brews in a matter of two hours.

The PicoBrew Pico - You're Personal Home Brewery

With the PicoBrew Pico, You Don’t Have to Leave Your House for Fine Tasting Beer

It has been said that the PicoBrew Pico will have over 50 breweries on board for its PicoPaks. These companies include Rogue and Dogfish Head. The company responsible for creating this machine says that their “Paks” are what would enable their business to get out to the world. They also claim that just about any type of beer can be created, with the exceptions of “aged” brews and fruit variants.

The PicoBrew Pico brewing machine is a cut-down model of the Zymatic (which was also made by the same company). It lets the at-home brewer to choose their own ingredients, thus enabling them to create more versatility and flexibility with their original brews. What’s great about the PicoBrew is that it takes twice as short a time to brew the ingredients. Its predecessor took twice as long, which left more margin for errors for novice brewers.

The Pico system allows 5 liters of brewing at a time. That amount would generate about 13 bottles. The package will include two 5-liter kegs. The system also has a built-in steam cleaning feature, which allows for easier cleaning procedures. Those who have attempted to do home brewing know that sanitizing the components is an extremely tedious process. However, with the PicoBrew Pico’s system, that is now simplified and cleaning can be done quicker than ever before.

In order to brew the beer, simply fill a keg with water then load the hop and grain modules into the machine. Afterwards, just adjust the amount of bitterness and alcohol you want. Then finally, it’s just a matter of simply pressing the “Brew” button and wait.

After the brew has been completed, you just add a sachet of yeast from the PicoPak, then transfer that to one of the serving kegs. Add carbonation next. Those who have already tried and tasted the brews coming out of the machine verified that it does create beers that are a cut above the rest.

The PicoBrew Pico home-brewing system is now available via the company’s Kickstarter page and it will be available to more public markets come Spring 2016.


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