Axis Gear – Making Blinds Smarter

If you’ve ever wondered how to make your home’s blinds and shades smarter, now you can with the Axis Gear. It is designed to convert any existing shade or blind apparatus into one that would be smarter and more automatic. The small gadget will be able to squeeze all the essential components to manipulate door and/or window dressings independently. This small wall-mounted box will include an electric motor, light sensor, rechargeable battery, and even a solar panel to make for a cordless power source.

Axis Gear - Making Blinds Smarter

The Axis Gear Device Makes Your Blinds and Shades Smarter

The Axis Gear sounds like the name of some kind of weapon that was made to wreak havoc on the planet, but don’t worry, it’s use is far simpler than that. It is a sleep, compact, and elegant device that turns your home’s window blinds and/or shades smarter. Its design is a white rectangle with silver highlights and it is meant to be attached to windows in a lengthwise or vertical fashion without being an obstruction.

At the top-most edge of the Axis Gear device is a receptacle wherein users will attach the beaded chains or corded loops from their shades or blinds. Once installed properly, the Gear will then be able to open and close, or raise and lower, the shades or blinds on command.

The device has an embedded Bluetooth radio. This feature allows the Gear to communicate wirelessly with smartphones within the home with the assistance of its dedicated app. There is also a light sensor on the device which acts as an electronic eye. This “eye” will conceivably let the device automatically close the drapes at night and open them during the day, or the other way around depending on the settings.

Axis states that the Gear will not only work with drapes, blinds, or shades, but also with other items as well. However, this is just a plan at the moment and information still remains unclear. The estimated time for such a feature to come out is stated to be “in the coming months.”

Those who want to get their hands on the Axis Gear may have to wait a while longer. As of the moment, the product is open for financial backing in its Indigogo campaign page. The company does not expect the product to be released to the open public until “late 2016.” However, those who are willing to be patient can provide financial backing now and receive a large discount as compared to waiting it to have a larger standard retail price when the device gets released.


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