Monoprice 13773 Review – Low-Budget Surround Speakers. High on Thrills.

When setting up a home theater system, it can put a huge hole in your pocket; but the Monoprice 13773 aims to change that reality by bringing you a great sound experience with its budget-friendly price tag. For those who have seen or owned the Monoprice 10565, you’ll immediately see that design of the 13773 differs from its predecessor. There are now paper drivers instead of polypropylene. This makes for an even homier look. While design looks simple, performance boasts power as it is feared towards home cinema use. However, because of this, music listening did take a hit.

Monoprice 13773 Review - Low-Budget Surround Speakers. High on Thrills.

The Monoprice 13773 Takes a Stab at the Low-Budget Speaker Market with Powerful Sounds

There is a cheaper model which is 9774, and many think that this is the superior model, but the Monoprice 13773 is in a class of its own. First of all, the 13773 now has 5 satellite speakers instead of the 10565’s 4-speaker satellite sound system. So what does this mean? It means that the benefits are there that it allows owners to keep the costs down of purchasing an extra satellite speaker and it also ensures for consistent voicing across all corners of a soundstage or within the room.

Speaking of the satellites, they are roughly the same size as their former models. They stand at 6-inches tall and are 4-inches square. They also include a gray vinyl wrap that is better finished than more expensive speakers on the market. Others, like the Onkyo SKS-HT594, has some exposed fiberboard.

The Monoprice 13773 speakers feature a 3-inch paper driver and also a 0.5-inch polymer tweeter. These are all protected by a removable grill. The connections found at the back are spring clips. Also, there is a threaded mount on their rears, even though it does lack a bracket for wall mounting.

Once again, the subwoofer also looks similar to the previous design. It has an 8-inch paper driver that delivers 100 watts of power. It is also covered with the same grey vinyl material as its satellites. The subwoofer’s dimensions are 15 by 10 by 13-inches.

While the Monoprice 13773 does deliver more than adequate sound listening power for its price, herein lies another problem – it’s not quite suitable for music listening. Since it delivers overly brassy sounds, music will tend to have more of that power. So listening to classical music will seem to add more “boom” to it rather than making you relax. That being said, these speaker set is more suited for watching videos at home.


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