The New Generation Of Driving Has Come Find Out Why

The New Generation Of Driving Has Come Find Out Why

The arrival of Android Auto for the road ahead is a benchmark for smartphone manufacturers and car makers to further investigate of what is more in there that has to be unleash in terms of dashboard connection technology.

 The Google’s new smartphone connection software, is first used by the car maker Hyundai. From the 2015 Sonatas which features Google voice control especially designed for driving needs and not just that it also behind Sonata’s buttons or touchscreen.

 Meanwhile, if you already own a 2015 Sonata you can update the software with the dealer or opt to wait till summer where you can download and install the upgrade by yourself while cars coming to dealers now have this software already installed to the vehicle.



 Easy to use cars as easy as using your own phone is what Android Auto all about. Navigation, Communication, Media were incorporated within your reach in the car’s dashboard LCD and voice-command system to serve you in the best possible way while driving.

 Google Maps significance tops above all other services. It provides not just simple but also complex directions in a way better screen and not to mention the dedicated voice-command button. Although the apps and the command processing runs on the smartphone but surprisingly the respond is as fast as your phone responds. Amazing indeed on how technology has come so far.

 The Android Auto marks an important step towards technology advancement, for now it transformed car’s screen, while development will not stop from here we can expect more surprises in the future.

 What’s more inside the box is services like iHeart Radio, Spotify and TuneIn which makes way through the Media screen while the Pandora still pending. On the other hand, live in the Communication Screen are messages from SMS, Google Hangouts, Skype and more few from others.

 To highlights Google’s Android Auto rules: Use primarily voice and audio interaction, and when the drivers does use the screen they should be able to utilize the same muscle memory for any service within a group.



 First and foremost your smartphone should be running with Android version 5.0 or higher plug in your smartphone through cable into the car and a message will pop into the screen which instruct you to install the free Android Auto app. There should be a new Android Auto button which appears on the car’s touchscreen monitor if you press the button literally your smartphone screen will turn into blank screen while your car’s screen will show you Google Now, which will provide relevant information on how and where to get started.

 It will show you weather, recent calls, next appointment in your calendar, and easy click to drive where you are currently situated and to lessen distraction you will not be seeing typical phone home screen, either settings or notifications.

 If you want to go back to Sonatas pre-install nav there is a button which allows you to complete the task. The Hyundai nav also plays another important role especially if you are driving outside wireless data coverage area or want to listen to broadcast radio or a CD.



 The familiarity with Android is what makes Android Auto app easy, even use for the first time, although the Android Auto app has a different look and feel yet it is pretty easy and convenient as well.



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