The Latest Tech from Canon’s Photo Expo

The Latest Tech from Canon's Photo Expo

When Canon’s Photo Expo makes its way into the tech world and surprises everyone with the latest in their technology lines. This past week, it was held at the Canon Expo 2015 in Manhattan.

The event was brought to life with the most futuristic things that the company has to offer. Among them are the 250-megapixel imaging sensors that will be brought to life soon enough. These high-tech cameras will soon be accompanied with 8K surround-view movie theaters, and cameras that will still be able to record quality video while users are in pitch-black darkness.  As if this wasn’t enough, the company also unveiled inkjet printers that will be the size of a three-bedroom apartment.

When a person walks around the expo, they might even feel that they are walking around a sci-fi expo with all the amazing tech.

Canon’s Photo Expo Brings the Tech of the Future Into Today

The first on the list of new tech from Canon’s Photo Expo is a video camera with a full-frame CMOS sensor. Sounds pretty boring, right? But that doesn’t stop there. This new video camera will be able to shoot and capture a whopping 8K resolution video at 60 frames per second. That video quality is beyond mind-boggling. Think about this – each 4K video that is shown today will have around 8 megapixels per frame. For the video camera that can shoot 8K video, each frame will have 32 megapixels per frame, and that number is just playing safe. When looking at the videos produced by this monster of a video camera, everything just looks incredibly sharp and colorful. Some would even say that it confuses their brain as they would question themselves if the images they’re seeing are really digital.

Aside from the 8K video camera from Canon’s Expo, they also showed some other amazing stuff. For instance, they showed how they envision the future as people, and their tech, to interact freely with their furniture. It’s not just about speaking to your chair, but what the company showed to its audience is how a digital camera can interact with a touch-sensitive table. When the camera is placed on this technologically modified table, the images from said device will spread out across the surface. From there, users can do minor edits and even print them directly from the furniture just by placing a picture frame directly on top of the images.  Canon’s Photo Expo may be our glimpse of the future as to what will be the various tech to come in the next few years. The table and video camera are just the tip of the iceberg as to what was shown in the event.


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