The HiddenHUB Speaker Scans Your Room To Set the Best Sound Quality

The HiddenHUB Speaker Scans Your Room To Set the Best Sound Quality

Hidden’s new offering to the music world, entitled the HiddenHUB, certainly has a unique set of feature, coupled with a more than interesting look, definitely brings minds full of intrigue. With the latest release of their HiddenRadio series, which provides a 360-degree surround sound listening experience coupled with great capacitive touch control mechanisms, this time around the company headed off to Kickstarter to acquire financial backers for their latest “HUB.”

This music hub will be a more well-endowed device that will go beyond the basics of conventional acoustic sounds. The company promises a slew of smart features along with a very sleek futuristic design.

The HiddenHUB Provides Amazing Features to Give the Best Sound

For those that are intrigued about the company’s early bird offerings about the HiddenHUB, they can head over to their crowdfunding page over at Kickstarter.

What Hidden’s HiddenHUB can do is that it will share sound with nearby Bluetooth enabled speakers. It can also share the sound coming from other Hubs scattered across a home. This will create multi-room audio which will produce sounds like they were coming straight out of every wall in the house. However, many would think that the aforementioned feature is pretty basic for modern Bluetooth speakers. Well, other than Bluetooth connectivity, it can also support WiFi connectivity (or Airplay), and it would also seem that the device supports DLNA.

Whenever a user is near the speaker, the volume and track selection can be controlled via a sensitive smart dial. This dial is located at the top edge of the speaker itself. Just by utilizing a single tap on the dial, users will be able to start/stop the music. A double tap will skip to the next track, whereas volume control can be done via swiping around the edge of the HUB in either a clockwise or counterclockwise fashion. There is also a unique feature for Hidden’s new music playing device which will turn the gadget off when it senses when the user leaves home. It will then resume where the music left off when the person returns to their residence.

Finally, there is also an adaptive technology for the HiddenHUB. With a built in accelerometer, it will detect whether the device is placed on top of a table or when it is mounted on a wall.  It will then smartly adjust its own settings depending on how it is positioned to give better sound quality no matter where the gadget is placed.


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