Intel Skylake is a Great Upgrade for Speed Enthusiasts

Intel Skylake is a Great Upgrade for Speed Enthusiasts

The Intel Skylake is an upgrade worth getting for computer enthusiasts to build their very own processing speed demons. The microarchitecture is the successor to Intel’s Broadwell CPUs. There has been delays to the release of Broadwell which lead to the turnaround and the creation for the company’s new project. Since the previous model was delayed, the quick switch to the new architecture puts the company back on its tracks – at least, for now anyway.

Computer Enthusiasts That Like Speed Will Marvel at Intel Skylake

So what can be expected with the new Intel Skylake architecture? To start, it will include new features which will include an improved version of the old branch predictor. There will also be larger buffers embedded onto it for out of order executions. In other words, these new features will allow the CPU to spend a lot less time to wait for certain information and instructions. Ultimately, it will improve all the core functions of the CPU to drastically improve performance.

There will also be a new feature introduced into Skylake which is called Speed Shift. This lets the CPU control and manage its own power state. Before, the CPU will have to depend on the operating system’s lead for orders on how to manage the computer’s power functions. With the new feature, it enables to match the demand of computer users more precisely. The overall effect for the entire computer unit will have a distinguishable performance boost, especially when it comes to its processing speeds.

The first desktop that has this microarchitecture installed in had a Core i56600K processor. The output of the chipset proved to increase functions and speeds to up to 17 percent more than the desktop-based image-editing benchmark which is the Haswell-based Core i54670K.

The benchmark testing on the CPU is only half the story of what this microarchitecture has to offer. Intel’s new player in the computer industry will have the new HD Graphics 500-series GPU. This brings support to DirectX 12, OpenGL 4.4, and OpenCL 2. There are also performance benefits seen by 20-40 percent over the last-generation silicon. What this means is that high definition graphics will get a major upgrade with this new architecture.

Aside from all of these upgrades, the Intel Skylake ultimately brings a superfast DD4 memory. While DDR3 memory is still compatible with the architecture, computer enthusiasts will be able to put in more speed into their machine for better performances.


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